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Starfield: 5 useful skills that you should definitely unlock at the start

Every good role-playing game needs a well-developed skill tree with countless options from which you can choose your character's abilities. Starfield is no exception. However, some skills seem more useful than others right from the start of the game. We'll show you the 5 skills that we find most useful to start with.

Starfield: 5 useful skills that you should definitely unlock at the start

How are the skills divided?

  • There are 82 different skills in Starfield, which are divided into 5 skill trees - Physical, Social, Combat, Research, and Technology.
  • The individual skill trees are also divided into four stages. To unlock a new level, you have to invest a certain number of points (4, 8, 12) in the respective category.
  • The first level of a skill tree consists of 5 different skills. You can therefore draw on a total of 20 different skills right at the start of the game.
Some skills in Starfield are required to unlock basic abilities that make the heart of an RPG fan beat faster. And then there's the jetpack, which is just cool and fun.

Which 5 Skills Should You Unlock?

  • Persuade – Social, Level 1
    • Increases your chance of convincing NPCs of your views in dialogues by 10 percent

  • Sneak - Physical Level 1
    • Add a stealth display to your HUD that tells you how if you're really operating in stealth.
    • You are 25% more difficult to detect while sneaking
    • Suppressed weapons do 5% more sneak attack damage

  • Thief – Social, Level 1
    • Unlocks the ability to pickpocket NPCs

  • Security - Technology level 1
    • Improves your ability to hack, which in Starfield is equivalent to picking locks ("digipicks").

  • Boostpack Training - Technology Level 1
    • Required to use your Boostpack (the Jetpack).

Are there other useful skills? Yes! Depending on your playing style and your personal interests, you will discover skills that you find interesting. Take your time and get an impression of the different skills.

Three skills that we also find useful are “target control systems”, “physical training” and “suit design” - but you can only unlock the last two in level 2 of the respective skill tree.

The target control systems (technology level 1) allow you to specifically attack and disable individual systems of an enemy spaceship. This adds a touch of strategy to the space battles.

Physical training improves your “maneuvering skills” on alien worlds. In plain language, this means that you get a combat slide. With a skill point in suit design, you gain the ability to create better spacesuits and helmets.