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Starfield Aligner: Where to find this item to lockpick doors and locked objects?

Want to lockpick chests or doors, but are running out of aligners in Starfield? In this article, we give you all our advice on how to easily find them during your explorations!

Starfield Aligner: Where to find this item to lockpick doors and locked objects?

How does lockpicking work in Starfield?

To pick Starfield's locks, you will need two things: the “Security” skill, but also aligners.

Once you have these two items, you will be able to open Advanced level locks (base difficulty) and have 2 automatic pick attempts. Regarding the other lock levels (Expert or Master), you will be required to improve your “Security” skill up to rank 3. Indeed, without this improvement, you will not be able to open all the doors you want.

To improve the “Security” skill, you will need to successfully pick several locks. For example, to unlock rank 2, you will need to successfully pick 5 locks, etc. The more ranks you want to go up, the longer the challenge becomes to complete. 

How to successfully pick a lock?

Picking the locks takes the form of a mini-game of interlocking. Your mission will be to find the correct circles to insert into the lock. The lock opens when all the holes are filled by the small notches present on the circles.

'''The difficulty lies in the choice of circles to insert'', because an error amounts to using an additional aligner. So clearly identify the choices you have on your screen to avoid wasting attempts by thoughtlessness.

How to find aligners easily?

Aligners can be found on any planet you visit. But there is a small trend that has been noticed regarding their locations.

  • Aligners are very often found on desks in research laboratories.
  • Aligners are often placed near a safe or locked door. Use your scanner to highlight objects you can pick up, the aligners will then be much more visible.
  • Aligners can be purchased in many Occupied Systems stores (within the Trading Authority for example), so be sure to visit them to stock up on this resource.
  • If you don't mind cheating, you can use the code “player.additem has [value]” to get the desired amount of aligner (cheating blocks trophies, think carefully before doing so!).

The aligners do not have exact positions, but can be found in similar locations . The easiest way is to visit abandoned outposts or even laboratories, because many aligners are hidden there. So, open your eyes!