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Starfield Crew: How to recruit new members and mercenaries?

 Want to expand your crew, but don't know how to get new companions or mercenaries? In this Starfield guide, we explain how to achieve this while advising you on the types of ships to choose to send all your members into orbit.

Starfield Crew: How to recruit new members and mercenaries?

How to recruit mercenaries?

On Starfield, mercenaries can be recruited in exchange for credits. By going to the various bars of the cities of the occupied Systems (New Atlantis or Deimos), you will be able to meet many people ready to offer their services and their skills in exchange for money. By speaking with them, you will have access to their areas of expertise, but also to the amount they are asking for.

On the other hand, these mercenaries will not be useful for the narration of your quests, as they come just as reinforcement. Companions, for their part, offer much more interaction, including quests and even relationships.

How to get more companions?

Companions unlock as you progress through the main story. Unlike mercenaries, story companions can benefit you in many aspects. Indeed, these are linked to quests, so you can learn a little more about them. And the cherry on the cake, if the alchemy works between you and them, you will be able to maintain real friendly, even romantic, relationships.

Clearly, the members linked to the history of Starfield are much more relevant and above all much more efficient in many aspects (especially since they are free!).

How do I accommodate more members on my ship?

Before setting off in search of new members, it is important to have the ship that allows it! The Frontier is great for starting your adventure as an explorer but is not enough to assemble a crew worthy of the name. Therefore, work will have to be done so that you can accommodate a larger number of allies on your machine. Purchasing a better cockpit, but also larger accommodation for your crew is necessary to increase the number of places on your ship.

If building ships is your Achilles heel, you can very well break the bank by buying ships. Instead of buying without thinking too much, take a good look at the statistics offered by the different ships available for sale. It is important to measure the efficiency and usefulness of a ship.

On the other hand, if you are not very comfortable with this data, we advise you to invest in the Wight III (available thanks to the Scarlet Fleet faction), the Renegade III (available on Neon and Paradiso) or the Abyss Trekker (available at Paradiso). In addition to offering 6 to 8 members, these are really excellent for transport and combat.

However, chances are you won't be able to fly them right away. Indeed, ships like the Renegade or the Abyss Trekker require you to be a good pilot since they are type C. So we advise you to improve this skill, before going into a buying frenzy.