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Starfield Magazine: All item positions that provide permanent stat bonuses

 Who said magazines were only good for spreading gossip about our favorite stars? Doing a bit of reading between two spaceports doesn't hurt! Indeed, all the pleasures of life are actually important on Starfield, because like sleep, magazines have a great use that should not be overlooked.

What are magazines for in Starfield?

Magazines are items to collect from the different planets of Starfield. By reading them (or rather by picking them up), your character will be able to benefit from certain improvements in statistics or even a reduction in certain negative effects.

What are magazines for in Starfield?

The magazines each have an issue and then offer learning in different areas of expertise. Some will be able to offer you unique bonuses, while others will offer you the same bonus for each number. For example, one magazine may grant you a bonus on handguns, while another will improve your inventory load over several issues of the same magazine.

Clearly, magazines are a godsend for perfecting your explorer, so don't hesitate to search the places you visit to find them all!

Where to find these magazines?

There are over a hundred magazines to be found in the world of Starfield. Many of them are located not far from the main quest, while others are placed much further away, in places you wouldn't even imagine.

This is not an easy task, especially since they are positioned almost everywhere across the planets. Betting on luck is impossible. However, it is easy to get your hands on with the right tools.

Where to find these magazines

Where to find these magazines

Like Elden Ring , The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom or Diablo IV , MapGenie is once again knocking on our door to make exploration easier. On the interactive map they offer, you can find the location of each of the magazines without an ounce of difficulty.

Therefore, we strongly advise you to have this map on hand to find all the magazines. Your character will then be able to gain power and a good number of areas of expertise.