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Where to buy and how to steal a ship in Starfield - guide


Where to buy and how to steal a ship in Starfield - guide

Starfield has over a thousand different planets to visit as you explore the game's universe. To become a space ranger, you definitely need a ship. In this guide, we will tell you how to get your first ship, where you can buy and even steal a ship in Starfield.

One of the features of Starfield is the acquisition of spaceships. At first it may seem to you that the starting ship "Frontier" (Frontier) is enough, but we assure you that in the game you will find many different ships that differ in many ways. And if you manage to find the perfect option for yourself, then traveling through star systems will become even more exciting.

How to get your first ship in Starfield

The starting aircraft will become available automatically almost at the very beginning of the adventure. After generating the hero, you will talk to Supervisor Lin on Vectera and can complete a short tutorial. Just follow the story and follow the marker on the map until the settlement is attacked by space pirates. Once you've dealt with this, a ship will appear and you'll be introduced to Barrett, a member of the Constellation.

It is this character who will literally give you his ship “Frontier” and recommend you fly to the headquarters of the “Constellation” in New Atlantis. From this moment on, the first ship will be available to you - all you have to do is climb aboard and start the engines. In space, of course, there are several training missions to be completed, after which players are free to go anywhere on their ship.

How and where can you buy new ships in Starfield

You can purchase new ships in Starfield by talking to the ship maintenance technician located at the starports of all major settlements on a particular planet. For example, you can buy ships in the following cities:

  • New Atlantis (New Atlantis);
  • Cydonia;
  • Hopetown
  • Neon (Neon);
  • Akila.

Each ship that will be available for purchase has unique features and options that meet the specific needs of the gamer, depending on your style of play.

For example, if you plan to assemble a squad that will compete with the Enterprise, you need to buy a ship that can accommodate at least five crew members. Shieldbreaker is perfect for this. Conversely, if you need to cover a long distance, then we advise you to purchase a small ship, for example, "Shackleton" (Shackleton). Its capacity is not as great, but it provides more jumps per light year.

How and where can you buy new ships in Starfield

Maintenance technicians almost never repeat the assortment, so if none of the presented ships suits you, feel free to go to another planet. Don't stop until you find a ship that meets all your needs.

The price of ships varies from 70,000 to 300,000 credits - so you will have to save up a sufficient amount of money before upgrading the ship. Immediately after the purchase, you need to make the ship the main one. To do this, talk to the technician again.

How to steal a ship in Starfield

As you travel across various planets, you may encounter other ships landing nearby. This is a random event, so standing in one place and waiting for it is not worth it. But if you are still lucky enough to see this, head to the landing zone to get the side task "Eliminate all enemies and steal the ship." It remains only to deal with all the crew members.

As soon as the additional objective is completed, a notification will appear stating that the next time you land, the received ship will become your main ship. But it is also worth considering that if you steal a B or C class ship, you will need to pump the required rank of the Piloting skill to control it.

Note: There is another way to hijack an enemy ship in space. A little later we will supplement this material.

How to upgrade ships in Starfield

To upgrade your ship in Starfield, you must interact with the ship maintenance technician and select the "I'd like to view and modify my ships" option. You will enter the upgrade mode, where you can upgrade your ship. Please note that some upgrades have specific skill or level requirements. You can make several upgrades at the same time, and the cost of each subsequent upgrade will be cumulative.

How to upgrade ships in Starfield

As we have already noted, if you purchase a new ship and immediately modify it, do not forget to make it the main one (the corresponding item in the dialog menu with the technician). In the upgrade menu, you can also reassign crew members between different ships and outposts.