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Alan Wake 2 actor, what is the full cast of the game?

 Alan Wake 2 has very good actors and actresses lending their features and voices to the characters. We give you the full cast.

Among the most anticipated games of 2023, we find Alan Wake 2 and we can say that the title does not disappoint fans due to its story, its visuals and settings, as well as due to its voice acting for the characters.

Speaking of the characters, some people wonder who the actors and actresses are who lend their features and voices and we will therefore reveal the full cast.

Who are the actors and actresses in Alan Wake 2?

If you want to know who the actors and actresses play in Alan Wake 2, well, Remedy Entertainment has given the complete list in the game's credits. Here are the actors and actresses who lend their voices and for some their features to the game characters.

Alan Wake

In the first Alan Wake game, actor Matthew Porretta lends his voice to the character and he is also in the second opus. He is also the voice of Scratch or Grinding (in the French version), the evil double of the famous writer. He is known for also playing Dr. Casper Darling in Control and one of these books can be seen in the dressing room of presenter Mr. Door (or Mr. Porte).

As for the actor lending his features to Alan Wake, it is Ilkka Villi who has mainly played in Finnish series and films, the best-known role of which is that of Niko in Bordertown. It is also good to remember that it was also him who played Scratch and Alan Wake in the first game, in Control, as well as Quantum Break.

Alan Wake

Anderson saga

As for the second protagonist of Alan Wake 2, the character is played by Melanie Liburd who lends her voice and features. The English actress played the Red Priestess in an episode of Game of Thrones, Nyx Harper in Dark Matter, Zoe Baker in This Is Us, as well as Caridad "Carrie" Milgram in Power Book II: Ghost.

Anderson saga

Alex Casey

To many people, Saga Anderson's teammate Alex Casey bears a strong resemblance to Max Payne, another franchise hero developed by Remedy Entertainment. This impression is logical since it is Sam Lake, who serves as screenwriter and creative director within Remedy Entrainment, who lends his features to the characters.

As for the voice of the character of Alex Casey and Max Payne, it is the same actor, namely James McCaffrey. He is also known for playing Ryan Huntley in Revenge, Gordon Specter in Suits, and Jimmy Keefe in Rescue Me.

Alex Casey

Rest of the cast

  • Timothy Breaker  – Shawn Ashmore
  • Warlin Door  – David Harewood
  • Ilmo Koskela / Jaakko Koskela – Peter Franzén
  • Ahti – Martti Suosalo
  • Kiran Estevez – Janina Gavankar
  • Alice Wake – Christina Cole
  • Rose Marigold  – Jessica Preddy
  • Tor Anderson  – Stuart Milligan
  • Odin Anderson  – Harry Ditson
  • Tor Anderson (young) – Markus Kaarlonen
  • Odin Anderson (young) – Marko Saaresto
  • Bob Balder  – Olli Tukiainen
  • Thomas Zane  – Ilkka Villi
  • Robert Nightingale  – Doug Cockle
  • Deputy Mulligan  – Mark Heenehan
  • Deputy Thornton  – Todd Boyce
  • Cynthia Weaver  – Linda Marlowe
  • Tammy Booker  – Nneka Okoye
  • Ed Booker  – Leemore Marrett Jnr
  • Steven Lin  – Arthur Lee
  • Logan Anderson  – Drew Hylton
  • David Woods  – Ako Mitchell
  • Pat Maine  – James Carroll Jordan
  • Baba Jakala  – Rosanna Kemppi
  • Casper Darling  – Matthew Porretta
  • Vladimir Blum  – Alec Newman
  • Norman  –Kerry Shale
  • Mandy May  – Eve Karpf
  • Donna  – Liza Ross
  • Charlie Koskela  – Ian Bouillion
  • Charline Koskela  – Jill Winternitz
  • Tapio Annala  – Anssi Määttä
  • Terry  – Ako Mitchell
  • Jim Figamore –  Tim Ahern
  • Gil Davis  – Alec Newman
  • Mayor Setter  – Marx / Äx