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Alan Wake 2 Old Gods of Asgard, who are these characters?

 In Alan Wake 2, you will meet a music group Old Gods of Asgard, but who are they in the game universe? We give you the answer.

Alan Wake 2 Old Gods of Asgard, who are these characters?

Alan Wake 2 was one of the most anticipated games in 2023 and the title has been available since Friday October 27  on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

During the game, you will meet many characters including members of the Old Gods of Asgard music group. We give you a summary to present each of these members based on the story of Alan Wake and partly Alan Wake 2.

Old Gods of Asgard, who are they in Alan Wake 2?

Old Gods of Asgard is a music group originally composed of 4 members, but one of the members, Loki Darkens, mysteriously disappeared after the release of the album "Follow Me Underground" in 1972. Despite this departure, the other three members continued to release albums which were all very well received as detailed in the Alan Wake story. Here is also a presentation for the three other members.

Bob Balder

Bob Balder is the guitarist of the band and his name is based on the name of the famous Norse god Balder. He does not appear in Alan Wake since he died in 1977 following cancer . However, the character makes his appearance in Alan Wake 2 and now lives through the Dark Place , the alternate reality in which Alan Wake was trapped. Bob Balder is played by Finnish musician Olli Tukiainen.

Tor Anderson and Odin Anderson

The Anderson brothers appear in the story of Alan Wake and the famous writer meets them during his stay at Cauldron Lake Lodge . They will help Alan Wake escape from the place and tell him to go to their farm to find out what he should do next. One of their songs, The Poet And The Muse will take him on the road to find Alice Wake, his wife .

The two rockers also appear in The Alan Wake Writer DLC where they serve as antagonists. It is also mentioned in Alan Wake's American Nightmare DLC and Control's AWE DLC, that Tor and Odin have returned to service and are touring after teaming up with Barry Wheeler, Alan Wake's agent. 

It should be noted that Saga Anderson is the granddaughter of Tor Anderson as it is clarified during the events of Alan Wake 2. As for the actors, their elderly versions are played by Lloyd Floyd and Cliff Carpenter in Alan Wake , then by Stuart Milligan and Harry Diston in Alan Wake 2. As for their young versions that we can meet throughout the events of Alan Wake 2, they are played by Markus Kaarlonen and Marko Saaaresto, two other members of the Finnish group Poets of the Fall.