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Climbing Jump 2 Mario Wonder: How to complete this badge challenge with ease?

 While playing Super Mario Bros. Wonder, you will encounter courses of varying difficulty. Being a 4-star challenge, Climbing Jump Badge Challenge 2 is one of the most difficult bonus levels in Mario Wonder, especially for beginner players. Discover all our tips for making it a success while collecting all of your collectibles!

The Climbing Jump Badge Challenge 2 in Mario Wonder

In Super Mario Bros. Wonder, you not only have access to classic levels which allow you to advance in the adventure, but also to bonus levels which grant you prodigy seeds and even badges to help you in certain levels. This is particularly the case with Badge Challenges, which ask you to take on a challenge linked to a specific badge that will be given to you at the end of the course. In the case of the Climbing Jump, a first challenge around this badge can be unlocked by exploring the Plain of Pipes, the first world of Mario Wonder. This is where you will obtain the badge allowing you to jump twice on a wall.

The Climbing Jump Badge Challenge 2 in Mario Wonder

While exploring Nebulous Mountain, which is the second world of the game, you will be able to complete a new Badge Challenge called Climbing Jump 2. This 4-star challenge can be quite complicated for less experienced players, and collectibles can be difficult to access due to the nature of the level. Below, you will find the location of the 3 flower coins and the single wonder seed of the Climbing Jump 2 challenge :

Climbing Jump Badge Challenge 2: Flower Coin 1/3

As a reminder, to use the Climbing Jump, you must first jump on a wall and press B again to jump a second time, which will propel you upwards. To start, gain momentum by holding Y and jump on the left wall to reach the yellow block and obtain a red mushroom. This will allow you to return to your normal size.

As you begin your ascent, you will see the first flower coin on the left. To reach it, lean on the different green platforms to gain height, and jump to the left to come across the flower piece. You may have to repeat the operation several times to get to the right place.

Climbing Jump Badge Challenge 2: Flower Coin 2/3

A little further up, when your route asks you to think about the timing of your jumps to reach the moving yellow platforms, you will see the second flower piece on the right.

To reach it, go up to the left until you reach a large horizontal platform. Remember that you can gain momentum by holding down Y. Once high enough, you can drop into the gap on the right to arrive at the flower room.

Climbing Jump Badge Challenge 2: Flower Coin 3/3

The last flower piece is a little further up on the left. To reach it, you must pass a section with rotating red bars, which can be particularly difficult for inexperienced players. To successfully complete this step, you must jump on a bar (we had an easier time going to the left) when it is in the vertical position, and stay balanced on it until you can reach its top when it is again vertical. From there, you can jump onto the middle bar and repeat the process.

The goal is to reach the top of the first bar in the middle, place yourself really at the edge, and then jump slightly to the side to support yourself on the bar above. This step is very difficult and will probably require many attempts.

Once you reach the top of the last red bar, you will be able to see the flower coin on the left. Wait for the bar to tilt in this direction, and jump with momentum to the wall, then press B to gain momentum. You will then be able to collect the last flower piece!

Climbing Jump Badge Challenge 2: Prodigy Seed 1/1

To finish, simply climb to the last platform and take down the flag . To reach the top of the flag , gain momentum to jump onto the left wall and use the climbing jump to climb even higher. This will end the end of the level, and you will obtain a Prodigy Seed to reward your efforts!