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Mushoku Tensei chapter 95 release date: where to read the scan for free and legally?

 Do you want to know the release date of Mushoku Tensei Chapter 95 and where to read it for free and legally? We answer you!

A 34-year-old Japanese NEET sacrifices himself to save teenagers from a speeding truck. After his death, he is reincarnated in a European fantasy world as Rudeus Greyrat, son of nobles. He becomes a talented mage, befriends demons and elves, and helps his cousin Eris. On a journey to bring Eris home, he receives advice from Hitogami and befriends Ruijerd Speldia, whom he will help restore his honor.

If, like many Mushoku Tensei fans, you want to know the release date of the next scan, the 95th, We tell you everything!

Mushoku Tensei Chapter 95 Release Date

Chapter 95 of Mushoku Tensei is released on Sunday, November 12, 2023. Unfortunately for fans, it is impossible to read the manga in France legally and for free like some on Shueisha. You will therefore have to buy the Novel or watch the anime available on Crunchyroll.

Synopsis of Mushoku Tensei

A 34-year-old Japanese man, living on NEET and facing eviction from his home after the disappearance of his parents, finds himself in deep reflection on the uselessness of his life. As he observes a truck speeding towards a group of teenagers, he decides to intervene to finally accomplish something meaningful before losing his life. He manages to save one of the teenagers before succumbing.

When he wakes up, he discovers that he has been reincarnated in a heroic fantasy world, imbued with an atmosphere reminiscent of medieval Europe. He abandons his former identity to become Rudeus Greyrat, the son of a small-scale noble family. Gifted with exceptional magical skills thanks to his genetic inheritance and early training, Rudeus becomes a master of magic from childhood.

Synopsis of Mushoku Tensei

He begins his apprenticeship under the tutelage of Roxy Migurdia, a demon, and forges a friendship with Sylphiette, an elf. Later, he becomes the teacher of Eris Boreas Greyrat, his cousin. When a magical disaster takes them away from home, Rudeus sets out on a journey to accompany Eris home. During this adventure, he receives advice from a mysterious entity named Hitogami and befriends Ruijerd Speldia, an individual whose honor he sets out to restore.