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One Piece Episode 1082 release date: when is the episode released?

 Are you a fan of One Piece and waiting for the release of episode 1082 on Crunchyroll? We tell you everything about the date and time!

One Piece continues to captivate fans around the world with episodes of incredible animation and stunning combat. Luffy and his crew have moved a step further and are getting closer and closer to their goal. 

French fans are asking themselves a question: when is episode 1082 of One Piece released on Crunchyroll? We'll give you the answer in this article.

One Piece Episode 1082, when is it released on Crunchyroll? 

One Piece Episode 1082 releases on Sunday, November 5, 2023, at 4 a.m. in France (Paris time). In episode 1081, the relief of the inhabitants of the kingdom of Wano and the aftermath of the fight against Kaida. You can watch episode 1082 on Crunchyroll.

One Piece Episode 1082 Spoilers

At the moment, we don't know what One Piece episode 1082 has in store for us. Find the summary of episode 1081 here:

The episode pits Admiral Ryokugyu against the remaining members of the Nine Red Scabbards, with the addition of Yamato and Momonosuke in the battle. However, despite all their combined efforts, the Admiral proves to be far too powerful for them.

Meanwhile, Shanks and his crew sail at sea near Wano and celebrate Luffy's recent success. As the young man he once saved has now become a Yonko, Shanks briefly recalls his time in Fuchsia Village. He feels great pride seeing how much Luffy has progressed in such a short time.

One Piece Episode 1082 release date: when is the episode released?

Although his crew offers to search for Luffy, Shanks refuses, as they have more pressing matters to attend to. Bartolomeo, Luffy's biggest fan, shows his enthusiasm by burning the banners of the Red Hair Pirates and replacing them with those of the Straw Hats. Shanks declares that it is time to act and go in search of "One Piece".

Meanwhile, the death of Nefertari Cobra shakes the entire world. The World Government accuses Sabo, the second in command of the Revolutionary Army, of this act. The revolutionaries celebrate Cobra's death and dub Sabo "the Flame Emperor".

Given that the Nefertari family was one of the 20 kingdoms allied with the creation of the World Government, Cobra's death could be interpreted as a direct challenge to the latter. It is undeniable that the world is undergoing significant changes.

At the same time, Tenguyama Hitetsu remembers Shimotsuki Yasuie's sacrifice that made all of this possible. After hearing his words, Toko changes her wish on the paper lantern. Initially, she wanted to see her father again, but after realizing the reason for his sacrifice, she thanks him instead. She finally finds peace by making peace with the unfortunate death of her father.