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Super Mario Wonder: gain infinite lives with this super easy technique

 In Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the usual rules of the license apply, such as losing a life when you fall into the void or when you take too much damage. To avoid losing your progress in Mario Wonder, you can accumulate lives using 1UPs, and there is a foolproof technique to reach 99 lives without spending a single flower coin!

1UP mushrooms in Mario Wonder

In Super Mario Bros. Wonder, and as in the vast majority of games in the license, you can accumulate lives to protect yourself. Indeed, if you fall into the void or take damage while you are very small, you will lose a life, but you will be able to restart the level without losing your progress in terms of collectibles if you have lives in stock. You start the adventure with 5 lives, and you can collect up to 99 while playing, since different actions will allow you to unlock 1UPs or additional lives.

Most of the time, 1UPs hide in blocks hidden in the scenery. You will therefore have to pay attention to your environment if you want to put lives aside, by carefully observing the small corners that are a little too square for example. But be aware that it is also possible to accumulate them in another way, and this is much more lucrative... It is of course about eliminating enemies by jumping on them, which is accessible for all players, but which can really be turned into an achievement by using a particular character and/or playing in specific stages.

How to stock up on 1UP with Yoshi?

In case you didn't know, Yoshi serves as "easy mode" in Mario Wonder since he cannot die. He's an ideal character if you're not too familiar with Mario games, but that's not his only use. Indeed, when you play as Yoshi, you have access to Flutter Jump which allows him to cover a greater distance by jumping. This feature is not only very useful for your movements at height but also for implementing a strategy allowing you to recover 1UPs at will.

This technique, which already existed in the very first Super Mario Bros., could be verified by AbdallahSmash in Mario Wonder . As he explains in his video, start by choosing Yoshi (no matter his color) and go to the second area of ​​the Perched Ascension of Nebulous Mountain stage. Catch a few Koopas there and place them in a restricted area, being careful not to make them collide. Then, wait for them to come out of their shells, and use Flutter Jump to jump on them one after the other. Once you have completed at least 8 jumps in a row, you can earn a 1UP with each additional jump!

How to stock up on 1UP with other characters?

And if this technique ever seems too difficult for you, know that it is possible to adapt it to other characters, like in the Carapatte Catcher level of the first world, where you can jump on the Carapatte projectiles without touching the ground thanks to the Parachapeau Badge. Note that you can wall jump to regain altitude between projectile throws, this will not end your combo. You can also use removable pipes to sandwich a Koopa and jump on its head at will, as Copycat explains in its video.

Finally, if you don't want to bother or you simply don't have time to jump on Koopas' heads endlessly, know that you can buy 1UP mushrooms in the Poplin Bazaars, at the rate of 5 flower coins for one life and 20 flower coins for 5 lives, which you can recover by playing normally or by repeating levels.