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The best Lords of the Fallen rings and pendants


The best Lords of the Fallen rings and pendants

We review the best rings and pendants you can get in Lords of the Fallen, the soulslike from Hexworks and CI Games that is sweeping the world.

If you are one of those who still play Elden Ring, then give Lords of the Fallen a chance , and you will not regret it. It's not as good as GOTY 2022, but the title from Hexworks and CI Games is a notable soulslike that delivers on its promise.

It has challenging bosses, very artistically accomplished scenarios, tons of weapons and objects, and, above all, an innovative mechanic such as the duality of worlds.

Being able to switch between Axiom (world of the living) and Umbral (world of the dead) is a real treat, which encourages exploration at all times. Will you get all the collectibles and secrets spread throughout its world?

In this Lords of the Fallen guide we talk about the best rings and pendants , objects that enhance your abilities, and where they are found.

Best rings and pendants

Rings and pendants are very useful and powerful items in Lords of the Fallen . As in any soulslike, you can equip them on your character to obtain different effects.

Many of them serve to boost your attack, health or defense, and it will always be good for you to have them on hand (pun intended).

Others, however, are perfect for a specific playing style, whether offensive (using a certain type of weapon) or defensive (using specific armor).

These are the best rings and pendants you can wear in Lords of the Fallen:

Blackfeather Guard Ring

One of the best rings you can buy at the beginning of the adventure, around the first third of your trip. Of course, it will only help you if you use a specific type of weapon.

With this ring, all your attacks with a bow or crossbow will do 20% more damage . It's a more significant percentage than it seems, so keep that in mind.

Ring of the Luminous Sword

A truly special ring, which many players long to have. The Luminous Sword ring is found in the Brothers' Monastery, and you get it by defeating a specific enemy.

It's one of the best rings in the game, because it increases your attacks by 15% if you have a full health bar ... or almost full.

Mana Stone Ring

With this ring, your character regenerates his mana automatically (little by little, of course), which makes it one of the most effective.

Where is it obtained? To obtain it, you must help the Tortured Prisoner, who is in High Calrath. Afterwards, if you are wearing the noble outfit, you can purchase it for 3000 stamina.

Crossbowman Ring

Another ideal ring for those who use bows or crossbows. In this case it does not increase the damage, but rather it uses 1 less unit of ammunition (arrows) if you have it equipped.

You can buy it at a good price (only 500 stamina) from Bayita, the merchant who appears if we rescue her previously.

Condemnation Pendant

On your travels through the Forbidden Marsh, be sure to explore every corner, otherwise, you will miss this pendant. It's inside a hidden chest in this stage.

What is this pendant for? Very simple: every time we generate a status change in the enemy, we will also cause a small percentage of additional damage.

princess stinger

Another of the best pendants in the entire game. In this case, those who carry little load are rewarded, since with this item you will cause more damage (in a significant percentage) the less inventory you carry.

To get the princess stinger, you must exanimate a creature outside the Bridge of Heavenly Rest.

Lords of the Fallen is available from October 13 on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC . In case you didn't know, it is the sequel to the game of the same name released in 2014, which is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC from CI Games (developed by Deck13 Interactive).