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The curse of the werewolf in Marvel Snap: best deck with Werewolf by night


The curse of the werewolf in Marvel Snap: best deck with Werewolf by night

Marvel Snap ends the Halloween season with Werewolf by Night, one of the most useful and easy-to-use cards you can get in Collector Chests.

The Curse of the Werewolf comes to Marvel Snap . It is not the name of any event, but of the card (in English it is Werewolf by night ), the last card of the Bloodstone season, and also the best?

SecondDinner 's trend with the new weekly Marvel Snap cards is to make them very complex. Last week's card, Nico Minoru , must have arrived with an instruction manual, because it is actually eight cards in one.

In contrast, Werewolf by night (let's just call it Werewolf) is a much simpler and more direct card, but no less valuable (it debuts in Series 5 , with what that implies), as it fits very comfortably in movement decks. , with effects very similar to Kraven, Elsa Bloodstone or Spider-Man.

How to unlock the Wolfman in Marvel Snap

How to unlock the Wolfman in Marvel Snap

We explain how to unlock Werewolf by night in Marvel Snap: when he debuts in Series 5, you can find him the first week for 6,000 collector tokens (a currency that can only be obtained by playing, or with gold ).

It is also possible to find it in Featured Chests: every 120 collection levels you will open a Featured Chest with a random Series 4 or 5 card.

Otherwise, you could only wait for it to appear in the Reserves or Normal Collector's Chests, when raising the collection level.

Best deck with Werewolf by Night

  • Curse of the Werewolf (3-3): After you play a card with effects by revealing itself in another location, it moves there and gains +2 power.

The Werewolf is a 3-cost, 3-power card, but potentially its maximum power can be 7 , if we manage to activate its power twice in the last three or two turns (assuming you play the Werewolf on turn 3).

Additionally, other cards can benefit from Werewolf by night's effect:

  • Kraven (2/2) : When a card moves here, it gains +2 power
  • Elsa Bloodstone (2/2) : If you play another card to fill a location, give it +2 power
  • Miles Morales (4/5) : If a card was moved last turn, it costs 1
To do this, naturally, you'll need to have a deck predominating Reveal cards, and these are some of the best ones you should have in your deck:

  • Shang-Chi (4/3) : Upon Reveal: Destroy all enemy cards in this location with more than 9 power
  • IronHeart (3/0) : Upon Reveal: Gives 3 of your cards +2 power
  • Silver Surfer (3/2) : Gives your other 3-cost cards +2 power
  • Legion (5/7) : Replace the other locations with this one
  • Jessica Jones (4/4) : When revealed: If you don't play a card at this location next turn, +4 power

The bad thing about Werewolf by night is that it is predictable: when you use it, your opponent will know that you are going to continue with cards when revealed (which can be canceled with Cosmo) in order to strengthen the Werewolf (whose strengthening can be canceled with Shadow King).

  • Shadow King (2/3) : Upon Reveal: Sets all cards to their original power
  • Cosmo (3/3) : Continuous: Reveal abilities will not occur in this location
  • Professor