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Walkthrough of Thief Simulator 2 - all story missions and game tips

 Thief Simulator 2 is a continuation of the original game, where gamers take on the role of a burglar thief. This time, the developers offered to try out new mechanics that were not in the first part. In this guide, we have prepared a detailed walkthrough of all story missions and also described useful tips for the game.

Game Tips

Gamers who played the original Thief Simulator are unlikely to encounter any difficulties as they progress through the second part. Below we told you how to quickly earn money, level up your character, and answered other common questions about the game.

How to make money quickly at first


How to make money quickly at first

There are many ways to make money in Thief Simulator 2, but they all involve stealing, of course. In each house you will find money and valuables that can be sold directly to a buyer or saved for collection using orders from Blackbay. Such items are marked with a green dollar sign. We advise you not to sell them, but to put them in the locker of your shelter. In this case, you will not need to transfer items from the locker to the PC.

When you collect the necessary items for the collection, send them via Blackbay to the buyer. For this, you will receive not only an increased reward but also some experience to increase your level.

Common thefts

Return to already examined houses after a while to find money and items that you found earlier.


Another good way to get unique items. At level 4, you can unlock the corresponding skill and steal from both sleeping owners and ordinary passers-by.

Start stealing and press the LMB key so that the hand icon is always on the green line.

Hacking laptops and smartphones

Often in private homes and offices you will come across locked laptops. To hack them, you will need to level up the Electronics skill. This can be done at level 12.

How to quickly level up

First, complete the tutorial and follow the story missions - this way you will quickly get level 4. But then problems may arise with leveling if you do not collect items for collections in Blackbay.

For each loot (except for banknotes) you will receive a certain amount of experience. Return to the inspected houses once a day and collect things - otherwise you will not be able to increase the level to the next story mission.

How to use an accomplice

To do this, you will have to complete the story quest and rescue the thief from prison. From now on, a new item “Call an accomplice” will appear on your phone. The service is not free, but if you need to remove a lot of items, including large ones, the costs will quickly pay off.

At the initial stages, only a few action points will be available:

  • Lock picking mode: unlocks any lock that you can pick;
  • Carrying heavy objects: lifts any heavy object at your request and carries it to your car;
  • Tag: marks all residents living in the nearest house;
  • Stop Chase: Removes one police star.


As you complete story missions, an unknown person will contact you and try to help. First, look through the cameras, then immediately open the door to the corridor and run to the window. If you are delayed, you will have to spend a lot of time planning your departure.

In the barn, take a crowbar , a lantern and an exit key , then leave the area in a crouch and go to Madison Street.

How to get into house No. 102

The first few missions will be tutorials - if you haven't played the original Thief Simulator, you'll find it useful to get the hang of the game. All mission objectives are displayed on the mini-map with a yellow icon. Run to house 102 and enter the territory by any means. You can break the door with a crowbar, or you can jump over the fence from a hill.

In the abandoned house, find all the valuable items and money until you raise your character to level two.


Now you need to complete a few more simple tasks:

  • Sell ​​your loot at Joe's Pawn Shop. The pawn shop is located right on Madison Street, but you can sell your stolen goods at your hideout;
  • Explore the use of the tag. Open your inventory and go to the “skills” section. Buy the "Use Mark" ability.

Just follow the marker, carrying out instructions from the voice from your phone. Mark the resident of house 103 (SKM), then go to planning mode (move the cursor over the person and press RMB).

When you complete the task, get into the car and leave the area - you need to drive beyond the white line outlining the map.

Check the computer in the shelter. Here you can purchase items for theft (this can also be done using your phone right in the area), take on various additional tasks to destroy objects and other activities, and much more.

How to break several things in the 102nd house

After taking on the additional task, go to house 102 and use a crowbar to break several objects. They will be marked with markers. It is worth warning that when the last object is destroyed, the cops will appear. We recommend that you do not run towards the car, as the chase will continue. The best place to hide is under a bed or in a trash can in the backyard.

How to break into house No. 103 and steal a drone

Having done this, open your inventory and in the skills section open the “Lock Picking” skill. Using your phone ( up button on the keyboard), buy a basic hacking kit. Picking level 1 locks is very similar to the familiar mechanics from Skyrim or Fallout 4, but you can't break the master key.

Return to the car and wait until 17:00. At this time, the tenant leaves the house - you can enter the territory through the fence to find the gadget in his room. It would also be a good idea to inspect the house for valuables, because you will have an hour until the owner returns.

After receiving the drone, return home and buy a module through your computer to disable the cameras. It is in a separate section where you can improve the drone. The price of the module is $300, but we also recommend immediately increasing the battery capacity for the same price.

How to rob house No. 104 and return the box

Go to the specified address, go to the pole with the camera, and launch the drone (key "G" ). Hover over the camera, then press "R" to turn it off.

Residents of this area are absent for several hours - from 00:00 to 02:00 . Park the car in the parking lot and wait, then break the grate or jump over the fence (the door will have to be broken in any case, since you won’t be able to get back in the same way).

The box is considered a heavy item, so you will have to carry it to the van with your hands. Open the trunk and throw it inside. While the owners are away, you can also pick up the computer and peripherals, as well as other valuables.

Take the box home and place it on the table in your large room. Use a knife to cut the tape and remove the contents. Inside there will be only a small bag that needs to be sent via Blackbay to your PC.

How to plant a parcel in house 110

The easiest way to do this is at night while the residents are sleeping. Hack the front door, squat into the bedroom, and place the bag. If the owner of the house wakes up, he will have to run away as fast as he can.

How to photograph the kitchen in house No. 105

As in the previous task, this task is best completed at night, while the store owner is sleeping. You just need to break the door behind the cash register (level 1) and go up to the second floor.

Open your phone and select camera to take a photo. The quest will be completed automatically.

How to unlock the “Lock Picking (Level 2)” skill and buy 3 master keys

To do this, you will first have to level up your character to level five. This can be done using the same thefts. Return to already explored houses and pick up items. Don't forget about the collections that can be sold on Blackbay, because for each of them you will receive a certain amount of experience.

When the level is obtained, unlock the lockpicking skill in the skills menu and buy at least three lockpicks on your PC or phone.

Next, you need to practice your skill in picking complex locks. This can be done right in the shelter. The mechanics are simple: press “S”, and when you hear a click, press LMB.

Buy available information about area 116 through Robtips and prepare for the next story mission.

How to get out of prison and save the thief

First you have to go to jail. This is not difficult to do, but we recommend that you park your vehicle first - if the cops notice a car on the road, you will have to load the last save. When you get caught, select "Go to Jail".

In the prison, wait for the bald guard to go up to the first floor, then open your bars and the thief's bars. To get out, you need to inspect the conference room on the first floor (two policemen in caps patrol here, and a bald cop also comes occasionally). But first, we recommend going up to the third floor and stealing the iMak (you bought information about this item).

Go down to the first floor and wait for the cops to disperse. One of them will continue to poke around in the conference room, but you just need to go in, pick up the key from the table and follow the exit (there are three of them here).

If you want to get confused, you can stay and find a good SSD in the boss’s room, and also steal other valuable equipment. When you leave the building, the quest will be completed.

We are still finalizing the guide.