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25th Anniversary Rarity Collection: Best set ever?

 Discover the exceptional contents of the new Yu-Gi-Oh! 25th Anniversary Rarity Collection pack. offered by KONAMI, one of the best product packs!

For this fall, KONAMI has prepared one of the most beautiful sets of recent years and surely the product with the most enthusiasm. But why is this particular collection so attractive to collectors and gamers? It is because of its content, the pack offers boosters of 5 foil cards available in different degrees of rarity: 

  • Super rare cards
  • Ultra rare cards 
  • The secret cards
  • Rare secret quarter-century cards (for the 25th anniversary)
  • rare secret platinum cards (the last ones released in 2015)
  • New rare prismatic-style collector cards 
  • And finally the most beautiful and certainly the most pleasant to look at, the ultimate prismatic style rares, with an impressive 3D effect which enhances the card by giving it a relief which was exclusive to the Asian market.

KONAMI has provided very detailed work that enhances the cards by setting the bar very high in terms of the finesse of the printing, we can only admire that.

25th Anniversary Rarity Collection: Best set ever?

An aesthetic but also meta pack!

This pack is not content to simply make up the figures, because it emphasizes the most popular cards of the competitive circuit, with such as "Unicorn, Nightmare Knight", or even an "Attacking Dragon" which will strengthen your Dragon Link deck. Iconic cards like “Fossil Search” for the Dino deck can also be found. 
Note that the most legendary cards of the circuit are available such as the "Effect Illusionist" which allows you to send this card from your hand to cancel the effect of an opposing monster until the end of the turn. A must-have! 

This rare collection has some very nice surprises in store and we can only advise you to go and collect a few boxes!!!