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The goal of every pirate crew in One Piece is to find the treasure of the same name. Numerous pirate gangs compete for the treasure - but who actually has the best chance? We'll tell you!

Spoiler alert! The article is based on manga chapter 1097.

At the beginning of One Piece, the odds were particularly high for the Worst Generation and the four Pirate Emperors. But now many of the pirate captains have been wiped out or have defected to other pirate gangs.

Our requirements for inclusion on the list are:

  • The pirate crew has already appeared in the One Piece anime and manga
  • The captain of the pirate crew has not been killed/near killed/captured as of this writing

This means that crews like Eustass Kid or Trafalgar Law are eliminated. Kaido and Big Mom are also actually eliminated due to the events on Wa no Kuni. But there is a fan theory that we don't want to withhold from you and that's why we've included it in our list.

We'll tell you which strong members each crew has and how great their chances are of being the first pirate gang to find the One Piece.

1. The Straw Hat Gang (Captain: Monkey D. Luffy)

The most famous crew from One Piece is the Straw Hat Gang. From the founding to the temporary separation to the current status, we have experienced all the adventures.

The pirate gang currently has ten members with varying fighting abilities. Some of the Straw Hat Pirates survive through their cunning, others through their sheer will to survive.

Since Luffy's devil fruit turned out to be the human-human fruit, model: Nika, the chances of getting the One Piece have increased. With his devil powers, Luffy can override the laws of physics and thus survive in all fights.

He also has a strong will and has wanted to find the legendary treasure since he was a child. He is supported by his crew members, the strongest of whom have not even eaten a devil fruit.

For example, Zoro's strength lies in his fighting ability and Sanji benefits from his genetic modification.

But the Straw Hats don't just impress with their fighting strength: they already have the knowledge of three road porn glyphs that reveal the location of the treasure. So all you're missing is the information from a road porn glyph. So the Straw Hat Gang has a great chance of finding the One Piece.

2. The Blackbeard Pirates (Captain: Marshall D. Teach)

Pirate Captain Blackbeard is the only person in all of One Piece who has two devil powers. For one thing, Blackbeard ate the Dark Fruit, which allows him to control darkness. This also allows Blackbeard to deal damage to other Logia users, who transform into elements such as smoke, fire or sand to avoid them.

On the other hand, he has taken over Whitebeard's powers. Thanks to the Earthquake Fruit, he can create tremors that can even spread through the air. This allows it to generate earthquakes and seaquakes.

Through his actions and strength, Blackbeard has become one of the Four Pirate Emperors. But the rest of his crew, which has even more members than Luffy's, is not to be despised either. His crew's devil fruit users include:

  • Shiryu (Invisibility Fruit)
  • Wan Ogre (Warp Fruit)
  • Avalo Pizarro (Island Fruit)
  • Catharina Devon (Dog Fruit, Model: Kyuubi)
  • Sanjuan Wolf (Giant Fruit)
  • Vasco Shot (Gluck-Gluck-Fruit)
  • Doc Q (disease fruit)
  • Kuzan (frozen fruit)
  • Stronger (Horse Fruit, Model: Pegasus)
Like Luffy, Blackbeard has had a desire to find the One Piece since the beginning. To do this, he developed a complex plan that included his time as a member of the Whitebeard pirate gang. He even killed a member of the crew to get the Dark Fruit. So he does everything to achieve his goal.

Blackbeard is also trying to get the information from the road porn glyphs. For example, he fought Trafalgar Law to take his copy of the Porneglyph from him.

In addition, like Luffy, he has alliances. Blackbeard's allies include the Pinkbeard pirate gang. Therefore, we currently believe that Blackbeard's crew may be stronger than the Straw Hat Gang, but they may be missing the important information from the Road Porneglyphs.

3. Red Hair Pirate Gang (Captain: Shanks)

So far, the red-haired pirate gang hasn't had that many appearances in One Piece. In particular, her captain Shanks, from whom Luffy got his straw hat, makes himself rare throughout the entire anime. He is one of the strongest fighters in One Piece who has not eaten any devil fruit.

Instead, Shanks has complete control over all three types of Haki: Armor Haki, Observation Haki, and King Haki. His king's haki is so strong that he can attack even the naval admirals from a distance, causing them to flee.

Although he was part of the Roger pirate gang who had already found One Piece, he and his crew wanted to find the legendary treasure himself. Shanks wasn't at One Piece himself because his comrade Buggy got sick. He decided to nurse Buggy back to health instead.

He is also looking for the road porn glyphs and has already managed to steal one of his copies from Eustass Kid. With his huge Haki powers and the knowledge that he needs the Road Porneglyphs, his chances of winning One Piece aren't bad.

In addition, Chance has a strong and reliable crew at his side. It is unknown whether any of the crew members have eaten a devil fruit, but each member is an expert in their field. Usopp's father is also part of Shank's crew and is a gifted marksman.

4. Cross Guild (Captain: Buggy)

The Cross Guild has only existed for a short time. This is an alliance between Sir Crocodile, Mihawk Dulacre, and Buggy the Clown. All three were counted among the Seven Samurai in the past. By mistake, Buggy has been declared the leader of the Cross Guild, but Sir Crocodile and Mihawk are in charge behind the scenes.

All three pirates are capable fighters: Sir Crocodile was already defeated by Luffy once, but he was able to free himself from the Impel Down prison. Mihawk Dulacre is the most skilled swordsman in the world and has already defeated Zorro once. Buggy has also been defeated by Luffy, but he always manages to fight back.

Other strong members loyal to Sir Crocodile and Buggy include:

  • Jazz Boner (Iron Blade Fruit)
  • Alvida (alabaster fruit)
  • Gal Dino (wax fruit)
They were all beaten by Luffy, Sanji or Zoro, but with their strong leaders at the top, the chances of getting to the One Piece are not bad.

Buggy's big goal is to become the king of the pirates. And thanks to a telesnail, the rest of the crew also knows that the Cross Guild's goal is to seize the treasure. But Mihawk and Crocodile actually pursue a different goal: They want to implement the Utopia plan and found a strong military state.

5. Big Mom Pirates (Captain: Charlotte Linlin)

Wait, didn't we say that defeated enemies won't be included in the list? Well, there's actually a persistent fan theory that Big Mom survived the fight. It was never obviously shown how she was killed.

Even in her final seconds of visibility, she was fully conscious. So it could be that she is staying somewhere in the interior of the earth and is planning her return. Big Mom is a tough guy and could regain her strength (maybe even with a piece of cake?).

The reason Big Mom isn't supposed to be dead is because of the existence of Zeus. Most fel power users lose their powers when they are dead or unconscious. The fact that the storm cloud is still traveling with Nami suggests that Big Mom is still alive.

Big Mom would have one of the strongest pirate gangs behind her. She is a collector of all the races that exist in One Piece. The pirate gang is also one of the few exceptions that Luffy and his friends haven't completely defeated. After the events on Wholecake Island, the Straw Hat Gang had to escape to avoid being caught by the Big Mom Pirate Gang.

In addition to her goal of creating a country without discrimination, she also wanted to become a pirate queen. So if Big Mom survived the crash, she could also be involved in the fight for the pirate crown.

These are the chances for the crews

Almost all of the crews still in the running for One Piece are the pirate gangs of the Four Emperors. We don't think other pirate crews like Jewelry Bonney or Urogue are strong enough to take part in the race for the One Piece. Since Big Mom's survival is just a theory, we would delete this crew as well.

Buggy may have the worst chance of finding the One Piece. Mihawk and Crocodile have no interest in finding the One Piece and the crew seems to be one of the weakest.