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Akimbo Modern Warfare 3: How to carry two sidearms?

 Want to add Akimbo to your sidearms, but don't know how to adopt this combat stance in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3? In this article, we explain how to unlock it!

Akimbo Modern Warfare 3: How to carry two sidearms?

How to get Akimbo for handguns in MW3?

Akimbo is a combat posture that results in the simultaneous and ambidextrous use of handguns. Present in many episodes of the license, it is available on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. And luckily, there are no restrictions, as Akimbo is available on all handguns (MW3 and MW2).

To obtain this position, you will have to be patient, because you will have to unlock it through the Arsenal Unlock or by raising your weapon levels high enough to make the accessory that allows ambidexterity accessible.

Everything happens on the rear handles. Once you unlock your first rear grip on your handgun of choice, you will have access to modifying that part of the weapon. Then, all you have to do is increase your weapon levels to unlock it or proceed to Unlock the arsenal by selecting the Akimbo.

  • To find out when you will unlock your first rear grip accessory, simply check the Weapon Progression which is located just above the Modifications which are located at the bottom left of your screen. This way, you will be able to identify when each accessory unlocks.

How to quickly unlock Akimbo?

Unlocking the arsenal is the quickest way to quickly obtain this accessory, that’s undeniable. You will only have two challenges to complete to unlock the coveted accessory.

However, not all daily challenges are walks in the park. It may happen that the challenges are more difficult than usual. So, we strongly invite you to take a little tour in Zombie mode. The challenges are much easier to complete and you will be able to level up your weapon in a flash.

By going to Aether Nests, infected Fortresses, completing a few contracts, and eliminating zombies from exfiltrations ... You will be able to increase your weapon levels very quickly in just one game.