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All Lords of the Fallen endings and how to unlock them


All Lords of the Fallen endings and how to unlock them

In this guide, we explain how to reach the three possible endings of Lords of the Fallen, although we already warned you that none of them are particularly happy.

One of the best soulslike of recent years continues to make people talk. Lords of the Fallen may not be at the level of FromSoftware's releases, but it is a notable title that is also a high point for CI Games and Hexworks.

Lords of the Fallen does not invent the wheel, but it successfully executes all the mechanics of the genre. In addition, it stands out for the mechanics of alternating between two worlds, Axiom and Umbral, thanks to a magic lamp.

Like other similar games, the Hexworks title has several endings, although we already warned you that none of them end particularly well. Have you already unlocked all of them?

If this is not the case, in this Lords of the Fallen guide we explain how to reach each of the three endings, what happens in all of them, and aspects that you should know.

How to unlock all three endings

Lords of the Fallen has three endings. To reach them, you must meet a series of requirements, and also not perform certain actions that could ''lock you in'' in an ending that you do not want to see.

Of course, keep in mind that to reach these endings, you will have to start several games. It also including the new features of the New Game Plus, which is unlocked if you beat the main story of Lords of the Fallen at least once.

The three possible endings are:

  • The outcome of the Shining
  • Adyr outcome
  • Denouement of the Threshold

Outcome of the Shining

It is the easiest ending to achieve, and also the one considered the ''good ending'' of Lords of the Fallen. The only thing you have to do is complete a series of objectives and follow a continuous line with the final bosses of the adventure.

In fact, if you perform a specific action, you will already be trapped in this ending. Basically, the most important thing is to clear the five beacons, which glow red on the map.

Once you clear the beacons (each one has its own boss), you must continue to the final boss, which is none other than Adyr, the Infernal God.

Upon defeating him, your character will die as a result of the final battle. The bad thing is that the future hope is not what we believed, since Orius (the leader of the Church) will punish all sinners with death.

Adyr outcome

This is the ''bad'' ending, and it is quite simple, although perhaps not as simple as the good ending. The good thing is that you will avoid the difficult final battle against Adyr, basically because you will become his servant.

The first thing you should do is ignore the beacons. Forget about them, because you will have to visit them later. Of course, it is mandatory to defeat the bosses that you find in the adventure.

You have to go to Bramis Castle, and defeat the Walker at the entrance, but ignore the beacon at this location. 

When you reach the effigy of Adyr, you must use the Adyr rune to hasten his resurrection. But first, you must visit the beacons to interact (not clean them) with them.

Finally, you must visit the cleric judge, who will be the guest upon whom Adyr will resurrect. Once he is resurrected, he will name you Lord of Roghar. Basically, it's similar to the first ending, only Adyr will rule the world, and not Orio.

Denouement of the Threshold

It is the most difficult ending of all because it requires more objectives than the other two. It is also the most ''emotional'' because the world will be governed... but, at least, there will be no division.

What you must do is become the Son of Rot, a servant of the Putrid Mother, who wants to end the line that separates Axiom (world of the living) and Threshold (world of the dead).

First of all, just like in the Adyr ending, you must ignore the beacons. Now we must reach the Mother's chambers, at the Threshold Altar.

To do this, defeat the boss in the Depths of Revelation. Now you must talk to an NPC called Husk, who will cause you to unlock a special ability.

This is used to sacrifice different NPCs, whose ''essence'' goes to the Putrid Mother, on the way to her resurrection. One of these characters is Damarose.

You must go to Bramis Castle, and defeat the Iron Walker, but DO NOT enter the castle. Then, use the Adyr rune on the effigy, but under a new option (the putrid rune).

Lastly, you must sacrifice Pietra. This will open the door to a new boss, Elianne, which is the most difficult fight in the entire game. By defeating her, you will reach the Putrid Mother.

The Putrid Mother will embrace you, ending your life... and breaking the line between Axiom and Threshold.

Lords of the Fallen has been available since October 13 on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. We remind you that this is a sequel to the title of the same name, released 9 years ago on PS4, Xbox One and PC, developed by Deck13 and CI Games.