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All weapons in CoD Modern Warfare 3, how you unlock them and their real models

 We already know a large part of CoD MW3's arsenal through leaks. We list all weapons including their real counterparts.

All weapons in CoD Modern Warfare 3, how you unlock them and their real models

CoD Modern Warfare 3 looks absolutely record-breaking in terms of the sheer number of weapons - this is primarily because, for the first time in the series, the arsenal from its predecessor MW2, including the associated attachments, is completely adopted.

The new weapons in MW3 are added “on top”, so to speak so that the weapons cabinet is bursting at the seams! Here we list all the previously known weapons that appear in MW3 and give the names of their real counterparts (CoD weapons have a fictional nomenclature).

All new weapons in MW3 2023

Assault Rifles

  • MCW (real name: Bushmaster ACR in 5.56mm)
  • DG-58 (real name: QBZ-97 in 5.8mm)
  • MTZ-556 (real name: CZ 805 Bren in 5.56mm)
  • FR 5.56 (real name: FAMAS F1 in 5.56mm)
  • Holger-556 (real name: Heckler & Koch G36 or G36C)
  • SVA 545 (real name: Ischmash AN-94)

Battle Rifles

  • MTZ-762 (real name: CZ Bren 2 in 7.62mm)
  • BAS-B (real name: Sig MCX Spear XM7 in 6.8mm)
  • Sidewinder (real name: ACR .450 Bushmaster SOCOM)

Sniper & Marksman Rifles

  • KATT-AMR (real name: Steyr HS .50)
  • KV inhibitor (real name: Chukavin SVCh-8.6)
  • MCW 6.8 (real name: ACR 6.8mm Remington SPC)
  • MTZ Interceptor (real name: CZ Bren 2 PPS in 7.62mm)
  • Longbow (real name: bolt-action AK prototype)
  • KVD Enforcer (real name: Kalashnikov SVK in 7.62mm)
  • DM56 (real name: Heckler & Koch SL8 in 5.56mm)

Light Machine Guns

  • Holger 26 (real name: Heckler & Koch MG36)
  • Bruen Mk9 (real name: FN Minimi or M249 SAW)
  • Pulemyot 762 (real name: PKP Pecheneg in 7.62mm)
  • DG-58 LSW (real name: Norinco QJB-95 LSW)
  • TAQ Eradicator (real name: FN HAMR IAR)


  • Renetti (real name: Beretta 93R in 9mm)
  • COR-45 (real name: Glock 21 Custom in .45 ACP)
  • TYR (real name: RSh-12 revolver in 12.7mm)
  • WSP Stinger (real name: IMI Micro Uzi Pistol)

Submachine Guns

  • AMR9 (real name: Colt Model R0991 in 9mm)
  • Rival-9 (real name: CZ Scorpion Evo 3 A1)
  • WSP-9 (real name: IMI Uzi in 9mm)
  • WSP Swarm (real name: IMI Uzi Pro A3)
  • Striker (real name: Heckler & Koch UMP45)
  • Striker 9 (real name: LWRCI SMG-45 as 9mm conversion)


  • Riveter (real name: ATI Omni Hybrid AR410)
  • Lockwood 680 (real name: Remington 870 MCS)
  • Haymaker (real name: Fostech Origin-12)

Unlock weapons: All unlocks in MW3

SVA 545Level 4
Pulemyot 762Level 4
StrikerLevel 4
Lockwood 680Level 4
KVD EnforcerLevel 4
COR-45Level 4
Gutter knifeLevel 4
DG-58 LSWLevel 7
MTZ-556Level 12
Bas BLevel 17
RenettiLevel 21
WSP SwarmLevel 27
Bruen MK 9Level 31
Holger 556Level 37
RGL-80Level 38
HaymakerLevel 39
MCWLevel 44
TYRLevel 50
AMR9Level 55
DM56Armory Unlock (from level 25)
FR 5.56Armory Unlock (from level 25)
MTZ-762Armory Unlock (from level 25)
KV inhibitorArmory Unlock (from level 25)
WSP-9Armory Unlock (from level 25)
Rival-9Armory Unlock (from level 25)
Striker-9Armory Unlock (from level 25)
MCW 6.8Armory Unlock (from level 25)
Holger 26Armory Unlock (from level 25)
MTZ interceptorArmory Unlock (from level 25)
SidewinderArmory Unlock (from level 25)
WSP StingerArmory Unlock (from level 25)
RiveterArmory Unlock (from level 25)
DG-58Armory Unlock (from level 25)
LongbowArmory Unlock (from level 25)
Karambit knifeArmory Unlock (from level 25)

How do I get Armory Unlocks?

Some weapons cannot be accessed via regular level-ups, but only via challenges. To do this, you must first reach level 25, which unlocks the Armory Unlock System . This is what it looks like:

How do I get Armory Unlocks

In the Armory Unlocks challenge menu you can then select an item and play specifically towards unlocking it . To do this, activate the weapon or equipment you want. The menu shows which challenge you have to complete.

In order to unlock a new weapon (see table above) via Armory Unlock, you have to complete three daily challenges . Once you have completed these Daily Challenges, you can still continue: Every match you win continues to count towards your Armory Unlocks - endlessly!