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Alternative ending SNK: another ending for the anime and manga Attack on Titan?

Attack on Titan, manga, and anime, it's over! If you've seen the ending, you may be wondering if there is an alternate ending?

Attack on Titan ( SNK ), this fascinating saga that has captivated a global audience, comes to a climax. The ending, which was a source of heated debate, created a unique space for fans' imagination.

Many of you have shared the tumultuous rise of Attack on Titan, passionately following each twist and turn. The diversity of reactions to the outcome of Isayama's masterpiece has led to a remarkable phenomenon: the emergence of alternative endings, reimagined by the fans themselves.

An alternate ending for Attack on Titan?

The original ending

In the final chapter titled “To the Tree on That Hill,” Attack on Titan concludes Eren’s journey with a touch of nostalgia and redemption. This ending, although moving, failed to satisfy a section of the community, sparking a myriad of reactions.

An extended edition of Attack on Titan brings a few additional pages, offering an open ending that opens the doors to a possible sequel. The link with the mythical tree of Ymir Fritz and the transformation of the civilization of Paradis illustrate a tragic, but perpetual cycle.

An alternate ending for Attack on Titan

An original ending for the Anime?

As the anime draws to a close, the question arises: which version will be adapted? Isayama has already expressed regret over the quality of the work towards its conclusion, thus raising hopes for an ending that could correct the rushes and shortcomings felt by fans. The anime is finally over with the release of the final episode and if you want to discover the ending and its explanations, it's here! We will not spoil you in this article.

Fan vision: AoT no Requiem

Faced with an ending considered imperfect by some, the community took the reins with AoT no Requiem, a rereading of the last three chapters. This fan work, full of respect for the original, testifies to the deep impact of the series on its audience. You can discover this project here.

Thus, there is no official alternate ending. This is simply fan imagination, or what you would have liked as the ending for this story. In any case, we have the outcome of this masterpiece.