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An easter egg from the end of Attack on Titan reveals a secret after his last big death


An easter egg from the end of Attack on Titan reveals a secret after his last big death

The final episode of the Attack on Titan anime has been one of those that has aroused the most interest in viewers, since it unleashed a wave of emotions in fans , who still regret this tragic and heartbreaking conclusion, which included several metaphors. with a very strong message that will be remembered over the years.

Likewise, the final episode of the Attack on Titan anime solved one of the big problems of the manga , making the final message that Hajime Isayama wanted to send to his followers with this controversial outcome more coherent and understandable.

But this is not all, because the final episode of Attack on Titan was not only full of surprising moments, since it also included a great easter egg that foreshadowed one of the great deaths of the series , making this conclusion more emotional and heartbreaking. .

An emotional easter egg that foreshadowed the big deaths in Attack on Titan was included from the beginning

It is not a secret that mangakas have great insight and creativity when developing their stories , as they usually leave some clues or loose ends at first glance that few fans usually notice, this being a very interesting detail that adds greater depth . and interest in the events of the series.

Evidently, Hajime Isayama has not been immune to this treatment , since the mangaka left several clues in plain sight , which were not discovered by fans until the final episode of Attack on Titan , which clearly showed an emotional easter eggs that included this artist about Eren and his friends that will make you very sad.

And one of the scenes from Attack on Titan in which Eren, Mikasa and Armin are shown as children and having fun , served to show the great bond of friendship that existed between the 3 and to foreshadow how they would die in the end , since they used to race to the Paradis tree in which Eren arrived first, then Mikasa and finally Armin, this being an easter egg left by Isayama.

The childhood game of these three young people predicted how they would die , a detail that some fans noticed, as was the case of the X user, called @dailyforarmin , who shared these scenes in which Armin was always the last to reach his destination. , since he saw Eren leave, then Mikasa and later went to visit them at an advanced age in their respective graves under the tree.

This innocent scene that showed the children's play of these inseparable friends foreshadowed how they would die some time later , this being an easter egg that Isayama included from the beginning of the series in a very insightful and emotional way, because the mangaka does know how to bring it afloat . the feelings of the spectators in every moment of this heartbreaking finale.

It is common for many mangakas to include some easter eggs in their episodes in an insightful way , adding more depth to the plot, and Isayama has not been the exception, since from the beginning of the series he foreshadowed how these inseparable friends , who lived all kinds of lives, would end. of moments with different nuances.

It should be noted that this trio of friends was able to meet in the afterlife once Armin died , a detail that confirms how strong and unbreakable this great friendship was, which Isayama knew how to highlight and transmit at all times of the series.

On the other hand, the final anime episode of Attack on Titan revealed a hidden ability of the Freighter Titan , demonstrating that there are still many details to know about this wonderful story told by Hajime Isayama, which had a heartbreaking conclusion and a deep message. that will be remembered through time.