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Arcane season 2 release date on Netflix: When is the next season released?

 When is the second season of Arcane released on Netflix? This is the question fans are asking themselves. We'll give you the answer in this article!

Arcane season 2 release date on Netflix: When is the next season released?

Released in November 2021 like an earthquake for fans, Arcane shook Netflix by being one of the most-watched series. On the menu, intrigue, drama, and action in the universe of League of Legends, its dilemmas, and its characters are still in the heart of the community.

This adult animated series tackles themes of revenge, redemption, oppression, and politics. For many, the hardest part was finishing the series and knowing that we would have to wait a few years before having a sequel. But luckily, Riot Games and Netflix heard you! We'll give you the release date of Arcane season 2 on Netflix.

When is the Arcane season 2 release date on Netflix?

At present, we do not know the precise date of the release of Arcane, season 2. However, we still have some additional information: we know thanks to the Tencent Video Vision conference, that season 2 of Arcane is expected to be released in the fourth quarter of 2024, which is probably November/December 2024. Three years after the release of the first season!

Although the release date for the second season of the Arcane series is still unknown, it is important to note that Riot Games has already announced that they plan to continue developing new content for League of Legends in the coming years. 

The storyline mainly follows Jinx and Vi, two sisters who had a difficult childhood in Zaun, but who, now adults, lead very different lives from each other, as well as Jayce and Viktor, two scientists who discovered and stabilized a gem enabling great technological advances.