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Attack on Titan: Studio Mappa shares new Levi drawing for the final episode - author has even more plans for Levi

 Attack on Titan is very close to the end of the anime series. As a foretaste of the big finale, there is now another completely new, quite promising drawing by Levi.

Attack on Titan: Studio Mappa shares new Levi drawing for the final episode - author has even more plans for Levi

Attack on Titan fans can rejoice: after a decade, the long wait for the big finale is finally over. Tomorrow is the day when the last episode of the series, which is based on a no less successful manga, will air. To celebrate this event, there is now a completely new drawing from Mappa that shows a well-known character who apparently plays a big role in the finale: Captain Levi.

This is what the new Levi drawing looks like shortly before the Attack on Titan finale

That's what it's about Actually, Attack on Titan could have been finished a long time ago. But the fourth season was divided into three parts and the last part was divided into two parts again. 

Fans celebrate new Levi image: A newly published artwork by Studio Mappa now focuses on Captain Levi. Arguably the most powerful Survey Corps member who cannot transform into a Titan is expected to make an important appearance in the grand finale. This is very well received by the vast majority of AoT fans online.

Captain Levi looks slightly damaged. That's because he just had a clash with Zeke Jaeger and even lost body parts in the process. Another good reason for Levi to vent his anger at the Beast Titan in the grand finale. Apparently, we will see the captain on the front line again in the fight against Eren Jaeger. 

Attack on Titan author Hajime Isayama isn't finished with Captain Levi's story yet

There's probably more to come: Atack on Titan creator Hajime Isayama has already announced that he still has a story about Captain Levi in ​​mind. He hasn't revealed exactly what it looks like yet and we don't know what form it might appear in after the finale of the anime series.

However, many fans suspect that this story could appear as part of a new art book. This is due out next year and will reportedly feature a new original story. Maybe one about Captain Levi.

What do you think of the picture and are you looking forward to the finale? What do you expect from the end of the series?