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Attack on Titan: this fanart recreates one of Eren's fights in Ukiyo-e style and it looks incredible


Attack on Titan: this fanart recreates one of Eren's fights in Ukiyo-e style and it looks incredible

Attack on Titan is simply one of the best anime of all time. And it has no shortage of reasons to have its own throne in the Olympus that brings together the best action anime of recent years: its great use of intrigue, the charisma of its most popular characters, its exciting combats, or simply its unexpected twists. script will be remembered for posterity by any fan of Japanese animation.

Its second season, animated at that time by WIT Studio instead of MAPPA, focused a good part of its chapters on the Armored Titan, one of the great villains and constant adversary of Eren's Attack Titan. These powerful beings are also the protagonists of the great fanart that we share with you today.

The Armored Titan and Attack Titan receive a new Ancient Japanese style

The following illustration has been created by @Justin96636, an artist who has already paid tribute on other occasions with his art to the work of Hajime Isayama and who for this occasion has decided to illustrate one of the many confrontations that these two titans had:

As we can see in the fanart, the artist has decided to add some narrative by illustrating, in addition to these intimidating beings, a city covered in flames and destruction, clearly symbolizing the enormous damage that the Armored Titan together with the Colossal Titan caused to humanity in the early moments of the series, also causing a large number of deaths both directly and indirectly.

Focusing on the art itself used by @Justin96636 for this work, we can see that the talented artist continues to perfect the Ukiyo-e style that he so frequently shares on his social media. This unique artistic style is characterized by prioritizing undulations over straight lines in the elements and figures of the image and by absenting the background from the illustration in favor of giving more prominence to the characters. 

The horrible incident caused by the Armored Titan also led to the death of our protagonist's mother, a fact that greatly soured his personality throughout the series. The twists of fate made him and this titan cross their paths and Eren did not hesitate to fight with all his strength against him, moved by an immense thirst for revenge and a feeling of resentment on each occasion.