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Available for free in DCE on EA FC 24, this rising star of PSG benefits from a big buff with a Thunderstruck card!

 When you're offered a free scalable map on EA Sports FC 24, it's hard to say no. So, on top of that, she is entitled to a +8 on her general rating and she is part of PSG, it becomes difficult to miss out on completing her attack, even as a substitute.

A big buff for Kang-in Lee's card on FC 24!

When we think of PSG's big cards on EA Sports FC 24, we obviously have those of Mbappé which are excellent or even Dembélé RTTK which is very interesting and will be even more so if PSG ever manages to qualify for the round of 16.

But another card will interest us today, that of Kang-in Lee, the South Korean midfielder. Indeed, the latter does not have a fantastic base card with a rating of 78. He did have a TOTW card at 82, but it is not enough, even to be a replacement on all teams.

Except that for the Thunderstruck event, Kang-in Lee was entitled to a boosted version of his card which now obtains a rating of 86 and as we will see later, things could evolve. It's a complete card with good stats, even if the 3 stars on the wrong foot are annoying.

However, if you do not have an expandable budget and a few level 83 cards in reserve in your club, Kang-in Lee could quickly become an interesting replacement, especially if you have a French team and players from PSG and League 1.

A big buff for Kang-in Lee's card on FC 24!

How to beat the DCE Kang-in Lee Thunderstruck?

Now that we have seen that Kang-in Lee was able to benefit from a very big bonus with his Thunderstruck or Fullgurance card, it is time to look at the DCE to obtain it which is not that expensive than that since if you don't have any card, you will need around 53,000 credits.

DCE Kang-in Lee: Top Form

  • 1 TOTW player at least
  • Minimum team score: 82

Price: 42,700 credits

DCE Kang-in Lee: Top Form

DCE Kang-in Lee: League 1

  • 1 Ligue 1 player at least
  • Minimum team rating: 83

Price: 10,600 credits

DCE Kang-in Lee: League 1

High chance of getting the maximum bonus from the Fulgurance event

If you are not yet completely convinced by this DCE Kang-in Lee, let's mention a point that could change your mind: the latter belongs to the Fulgurance promotion which takes place until Friday. Except that this promotion includes scalable cards!

From the launch of the latter, for the cards to evolve, the club to which they are linked must win 3 of its next 4 matches and after 2 matches, PSG is still in the running for the maximum increase with its victory against Monaco last weekend.

Better yet, the decisive Champions League match does not take place next week, which means that PSG's next two opponents are Ligue 1 clubs and they are not the best placed. These are Le Havre, 8th which has only one victory on its record in the last 7 matches, and Nantes, 11th which is on a series of 3 defeats and a draw. On top of that, the coach has just been thanked.

You will have understood, that all the lights are green for PSG and therefore so that Kang-in Lee can benefit from the maximum improvement of this event, which will make it even more interesting. It would therefore be a shame to miss this card.