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Baby Pandawa Wakfu: how to get the pet?

 The single-account server on Wakfu has been in full swing since its release at the beginning of November. How to collect the Baby Pandawa pet in the game?

Baby Pandawa Wakfu: how to get the pet?

Galvanized by its success since the launch of its new single-account servers, Wakfu is in full swing and a plethora of new players are embarking on the adventure since the release of the various Ogrest servers on November 2, 2023. If the Wakfu game, developed by Ankama Games, has often been put in the shadow of its little brother Dofus since its creation, many newbies are discovering this unique MMORPG which offers diversity in terms of combat against monsters which are more precisely called PvM (Player versus Monsters).

Today, we are looking at a piece of equipment often forgotten by Wakfu players: pets. Indeed, more difficult to tame, pets remain very important elements in a build and can considerably increase your characteristics. In this article, we will tell you how to collect the Baby Pandawa pet in the game.

How to get the Baby Pandawa pet on Wakfu?

If it's hard enough to find pets that suit you, the Baby Pandawa is even harder to find. Indeed, this pet which gives % Critical Strike, critical mastery as well and Distance mastery seems to be a must-have for all Distance DPS builds such as Xelor, Huppermage, or even Cra. 

A victim of its success and its rarity, this cute little pet is only available for a minimum of 1.5 million kamas in the auction house and seems far from the majority of players' kamas purses. However, it is possible to recover this pet in Bonta's Dimensional Breach, achievable from level 141. However, it is useful to point out that the rate is relatively low. In this case, good luck to you in finding this extremely rare piece of equipment!

If, however, you can't do without the cuteness of this little familiar, you can buy the Baby Pandawa outfit in exchange for 2000 ogrines in the game's store tab.