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Baldur's Gate 3: The best mods and how to install them

 There are already hundreds of mods for Baldur's Gate 3. We'll pick out a few that are particularly recommended and explain to you what they do and how to install them.

Baldur's Gate 3 is already a massive role-playing game out of the box. However, there are also a number of fantastic mods in the vastness of the Internet that can even improve the title, expand it, or adapt it to your personal taste. We will introduce you to some particularly exciting modifications and explain what needs to be taken into account during installation.

How to install mods for Baldur's Gate 3?

One request in advance: Please always read the installation instructions in the mod description before installing. Because there you will always find the latest status for everything that needs to be taken into account.

Different directories

Unfortunately, installing mods in Baldur's Gate 3 is not as easy as, for example, in Bethesda titles. There are different paths and in some cases, entries have to be made in files. This seems to have something to do with packed or unpacked mods. The majority now use .pak archives.

There are two relevant mod folders:

  • X:\Users\.................\AppData\Local\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\Mods
  • X:\...................\Baldur's Gate 3\Data\Mods

Experience has shown that most mods use the former, but there are exceptions that we point out on the first page of each mod. But in general, the whole process can also be simplified: That's why here are two indispensable tips that will make all subsequent mod installations easier for you.

1. BG3 Mod Manager, the easiest way

The free BG3 Mod Manager will help you in almost all situations. With its help, you can not only have mods unpacked directly from the zip archive into the correct folder but also make necessary entries in configuration files. The manager will help you adjust the load order, which may be necessary depending on the mod you are using.

And best of all: the manager even updates itself automatically.

Our recommendation: Even if the setup sounds simple, as soon as a mod mentions the manager, use it.

2. Important mods to start modding

Not absolutely necessary, but recommended: Even if not all of the mods recommended here have the same requirements, it is advisable to simply install the following pre-mods, as a huge number of others simply use them as a basis.

  • Baldur's Gate 3 Mod Fixer - via mod manager or in mods folder in AppData.
  • Script Extender Launcher - this file needs to be moved to the bin directory in the installation folder. The .exe files for Baldur's Gate 3 can also be found there.
  • ImprovedUI ReleaseReady - via Modmanager or in the Mods folder in AppData.
  • Native Mod Loader - must go to the bin directory in the installation folder and overwrite the original files there. The .exe files for Baldur's Gate 3 can also be found there.

Why should I install the mods? Do I absolutely need it? No, you may not need one of these four mods at all, because not all of the fan creations we list require them. But many do.

Above all, the ImprovedUI makes a few improvements out of the box, without adding mods, without changing the original operation or appearance itself.

New class and group size

Party Limit Begone

Suitable for whom? Anyone who doesn't want to leave beloved companions in camp all the time or who wants to be able to dynamically adjust the level of difficulty in this way.

Installation: In the mods folder in the game directory

Artificer class and all subclasses

Artificer class and all subclasses

This mod adds the thirteenth D&D class, the Artificer. This is a very specialized magician who uses his intelligence-based abilities to turn objects into weapons.

Suitable for whom? Does it bother you that all official D&D classes appear in the game, except the Artificer? Or do you just want to try out a truly special magic user? Yes? Then let's go, the download is waiting.

Installation: In the mods folder in the Windows user folder

Cosmetics: colors and hairstyles

Tav's Hair Salon

Tav's Hair Salon

The invisible hairdresser in the game learns to cut lots of new hairstyles, which you can choose in the character editor or the magic mirror. This means you have the right head of hair for every occasion.

Suitable for whom? Do you want to sport a new hairstyle in the day's battles after every rest? There may actually be enough variations here so that you never have to look the same twice throughout the entire game.

Installation: In the mods folder in the Windows user folder

Extra Dyes for the Fashionable Folk of Faerun

Behind this are not only some new colors but above all the useful property of infinite yield. You can use each of these colors an unlimited number of times. This eliminates the need for constant, sometimes expensive, and time-consuming new purchases.

Suitable for whom? Does it bother you not to have all the colors at your fingertips and not only have to search for new colors but also have to shell out gold? Yes? Then go to the download area on Nexusmods.

Installation: In the mods folder in the Windows user folder

Equipment, spells, and weightless gold

5E Spells

You are expanding your magic repertoire with several new spells from the official D&D rules.

Suitable for whom? Baldur's Gate 3 already has a large number of spells for all magic classes, but there are still some missing. There is more in the D&D rulebook and if you are bothered by having more choice at the table with friends than in Larian's role-playing hit, you should quickly click on download here.

Installation: In the mods folder in the Windows user folder

Basket full of equipment

Lots of new armor for all slots in your inventory: heavy, medium, and light armor.

Suitable for whom? If you would like a greater variety of equipment, you are in good hands here.

Installation: In the mods folder in the Windows user folder

Gold Zero Weight

Gold no longer weighs anything. Finally, carry around an endless amount of junk with you!

Suitable for whom? Rich, very rich groups simply want to carry all the gold with them at all times and still want to continue looting everything undisturbed and unhindered.

Installation: In the mods folder in the Windows user folder

Better UI, map, AI, and camera

Better Hotbar 2

Different variants of the Hotbar make better use of the available space on the screen and offer you more slots to easily trigger skills or items.

Suitable for whom? Something about the UI that annoys you? You will probably discover an answer to the question that is nagging you here.

Installation: In the mods folder in the Windows user folder

Better Maps All-In-One

By the same author as the mod before. Thanks to this modification, you have freedom of choice as to what your map should look like.

Suitable for whom? Anyone who is bothered by anything about the standard map. There is a high chance that the solution will be found here.

Installation: In the mods folder in the Windows user folder

Immersive AI

According to his own statements, the author has written a completely new AI for all imaginable NPCs and monsters. These should not only be more clever in combat, but also simply act appropriately according to their nature.

Suitable for whom? Are your opponents too simple for you? Do you want more variety in the fights? Then this mod could be something for you.

Installation: In the mods folder in the Windows user folder

What do you think about mods in Baldur's Gate 3? Do you use them or, in the case of Larian's title, do you simply find them unnecessary? Or maybe we even forgot to list one or two great modifications? If so, don't worry: just write to us and we'll be happy to take another look at it and maybe even add it in an update. We look forward to hearing from you and your favorite mods!