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Best Psychubes and Team Composition | Best Reverse 1999 Voyager Build

Voyager is a fantastic support character in Reverse 1999 because she can boost your entire team, make enemies vulnerable, deal strong damage with her ultimate ability, and even confuse and seal foes.

But, just like Bkornblume, Voyager needs a specific setup to be super effective, especially as you progress in the game. Here's the best way to build Voyager in Reverse 1999.

Best Psychubes for Voyager in Reverse 1999:

For Voyager, you should consider using the "Brave New World" or "His Bounden Duty" Psychubes. "Brave New World" is an excellent choice because it boosts her damage and provides extra health and mental defense. "His Bounden Duty" is great if you want Voyager to be more durable and capable of healing when defeating enemies.

Best Psychubes for Voyager in Reverse 1999:

Best 5-Star Psychube for Voyager:

If you have a 5-star Psychube, "Yearning Desire" is the best choice for Voyager. It increases her damage against debuffed enemies and enhances her Incantation Might, which is perfect for her abilities that cause confusion.

Best 5-Star Psychube for Voyager

Best Team Composition for Voyager in Reverse 1999:

To make the most of Voyager, you should pair her with DPS characters that focus on critical hits or can benefit from critical damage. A strong team might include Voyager as the support, a healer like Medicine Pocket, and a DPS character such as Centurion, Regulus, or Lilya. This setup takes advantage of Voyager's debuff and counter abilities while ensuring your party stays alive with Medicine Pocket's healing.

Best Free-to-Play Team Composition for Voyager:

For players not using paid characters, a good Voyager team features Voyager as the support, a free DPS character like Lilya, Regulus, or Eternity, and the healer Dikke. However, keep in mind that Dikke doesn't provide much utility, so your DPS damage may be somewhat lower. In the fourth slot, consider a debuffer or sub-DPS like Bkornblume, or a main DPS focusing on critical hits.