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Blizzcon 2023: All Blizzard announcements, WoW, WoW Classic, Survival game, Diablo

 Blizzcon 2023 is coming, and with it a whole battery of announcements. In this article, you will find the summary of all the announcements of this Blizzcon.

Blizzcon 2023: All Blizzard announcements, WoW, WoW Classic, Survival game, Diablo

Blizzcon is here and we have a lot to discover for the return of the famous Blizzard physics conference, directly in California. This conference has been an opportunity for many years for the studio to make its biggest announcements, and we expect a lot of new stuff in 2023.

From World of Warcraft Retail to Overwatch to World of Warcraft Classic and perhaps news on Blizzard's next license with the all-new survival game, there are a lot of things that are going to or have been announced during the Blizzcon. Here is the list of announcements.

All Blizzcon 2023 announcements

As this article is written before Blizzcon begins, we are going to go over the likely announcements or announcements that we can expect at Blizzcon 2023. The list you will see remains speculation. So we're going to tell you how likely the announcements are.

Let's start with the most likely announcements.

  1. New expansion for World of Warcraft. The 11.0 expansion, for the game's 20th anniversary, will more than likely be announced and put on sale as early as the Blizzcon weekend.
  2. Cataclysm Classic released. WoW Classic will continue to move forward, and will most likely do so with Cataclysm with different modifications.
  3. Diablo 4 Season 3. Diablo 4 Season 2 has progressed well, and Season 3 will be the next logical sequel.
  4. New Overwatch Hero. The brand new hero will be announced during Blizzcon, we know it!
  5. New Overwatch season. The new seasons of Overwatch will surely be announced with the new hero.
  6. Warcraft Rumble released. Warcraft Rumble will be released during Blizzcon.
  7. Raids released and a new Warcraft Rumble figurine. With the release, now is the time to announce new content for the game. The new figure is more speculation, especially with the release of Sylvannas recently.

Then, the slightly less likely announcements:

  1. The arrival of WoW Classic +. WoW Classic would be a new expansion in classic. We know that players like this idea, but it remains unlikely to happen.
  2. Announcement of the new survival game. Blizzard's new license is a survival game, we know that Blizzard is working on it but we don't know if the studio is ready to announce the game.
  3. New expansion and new Diablo 4 class. We know that an expansion is already planned and developed for the game. But we don't know if the studio is ready to announce this big step as early as 2023.
  4. Announcing the future of Overwatch esports. Overwatch and its esports system will change, but we don't know how or when.
  5. Announcing new collaborations for Overwatch. Overwatch could also offer new collaborations with new franchises. 
These are the announcements that may be made during Blizzcon!