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Boruto confirms that Sasuke's fate is much worse than it seemed


Boruto confirms that Sasuke's fate is much worse than it seemed

The most recent chapters of the second part of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga, titled Boruto: Two Blue Vortex, have brought with them completely impressive changes and twists to the story of Naruto's son, with which they have also been able to give him a great character development to Boruto Uzumaki.

And, set after the time jump, the second part of the Boruto manga presents how things are three years after Eida used her powers to change history and make everyone believe that Boruto is the traitor who murdered the Seventh. Hokage and his wife, while Kawaki is the Hokage's son who must take down Boruto.

But that's not all, well, another big plot twist that we have seen in this second part of the story is directly related to Sasuke, since he has been captured and incapacitated by Code, who now has the ability to create a copy of Sasuke and his abilities and use this clone against Boruto.

This post contains spoilers for chapter #4 of the Boruto: Two Blue Vortex manga.

The second part of Boruto has given Sasuke a worse fate than expected

The second part of Boruto has given Sasuke a worse fate than expected
Sasuke has had a fate worse than expected, being trapped and cloned by Code

The story of Boruto has been characterized by the incredible and unexpected plot twists that it has been able to take both in the final chapters of the first part of its manga and in the few and most recent chapters that have been released in its second part.

It should be noted that, regarding the twists in the story, many fans had been speculating about the possibility that something terrible would happen to Sasuke soon, and many even theorized that the Uchiha would be killed soon in the story.

However, although chapter #4, fortunately, does not present Sasuke's death, it has given the character a fate much worse than death, since Code, thanks to his monsters known as Grimes, has captured Sasuke.

In chapter #4 of the Boruto: Two Blue Vortex manga, an intense and arduous fight is presented between Boruto and new villains in history, of which one had a very similar appearance to Sasuke, and although this was ignored at first, The truth is later revealed. And, at the end of the chapter, Boruto rests in a tree in which Sasuke has been “sealed”, so to speak, and incapacitated by Code.

Code has been able to trap Sasuke in this tree thanks to his Grimes, monsters that were created by the villain from the Ten-Tails, and which turn out to be quite similar to the White Zetsu, although they are much more dangerous since they completely incapacitate anyone they turn into a tree.

Furthermore, the ones that the Grimes trap and turn into a tree cannot be brought back, and can even be cloned by these monsters, who can manifest each and every one of the abilities of their victims and use them to their advantage.

This explains why there was a villain that looked exactly like Sasuke facing Boruto, as it was the copy of Sasuke that the Grimes had created and were using to fight him.

This clone of Sasuke can make use of all of Sasuke's own abilities, including his Chidori and his Rinnegan, so it is quite unfavorable for Boruto that he is the one he has to face, not only due to the fact that Sasuke is a shinobi. extremely powerful, but also because of the emotional attachment that the young man has towards his mentor.

Although it is a relief to fans that Sasuke did not die in the most recent chapter of the manga, the fate that has been set for the Uchiha appears to be much worse than it was expected to be, not only by leaving him incapacitated at the same time. turning him into a tree, but also due to the fact that now, indirectly, he will have to face Boruto.