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Bwork Wakfu Dungeon: how to defeat the boss?

 The single-account server on Wakfu has been in full swing since its release at the beginning of November. How to defeat Throll, the boss of the Bwork dungeon?

Bwork Wakfu Dungeon: how to defeat the boss?

Galvanized by its success since the launch of its new single-account servers, Wakfu is in full swing and a plethora of new players are embarking on the adventure since the release of the various Ogrest servers on November 2, 2023. If the Wakfu game, developed by Ankama Games, has often been put in the shadow of its little brother Dofus since its creation, many newbies are discovering this unique MMORPG which offers diversity in terms of combat against monsters which are more precisely called PvM (Player versus Monsters).

Today, we are looking at a particular dungeon in Wakfu: the Bwork dungeon. If this instance is accessible at any level, it is recommended to go there from level 51. 

How to defeat the Bwork dungeon boss on Wakfu?

The Bwork dungeon is one of the most popular instances at the start of the adventure, particularly for its very popular stuff like Throl's Hammer which grants an action point. The dungeon is located on the island of the Wild Domain which will be accessible to you from level 51. 

The dungeon has three rooms including the boss, Throll, which has a particular mechanic. Indeed, this monster has a passive, entitled Wild Regeneration, which heals a large part of its life points each turn of the game, whether allies or enemies.

In order to remove this pesky passive, you will need to place Throll on a Bwork artifact present on the field so that the boss ends his turn on it. Bwork artifacts are often summoned by certain mobs but you can also force your destiny by walking on the squares around the map. Each step on this type of square will summon a Bwork artifact randomly on the map, increasing your chances of placing the boss on these squares.

Once Wild Regeneration is gone, you can kill the boss normally. Therefore, you are advised to first focus on the side mobs and then hurry to place the boss and thus kill him.

This mechanic, which adds additional difficulty during your leveling, will reward you with very interesting loot as well as a Gobball Horn of Throll, a relic necessary to complete Otomaï's quest.