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Chainsaw Man chapter 148 release date where to read the scan for free and legally?

 Do you want to know the release date of Chainsaw Man Chapter 148 and where to read it for free and legally? We'll answer you!

After merging with Pochita, Denji underwent a transformation to become the fearsome Chainsaw Demon, now celebrated and revered globally as the Chainsaw Man. This incredible development raises a multitude of questions about its future. What adventures and challenges await our new hero?

Will the world see him as a savior or a threat? The answers to these questions promise to be as captivating as Denji's past exploits.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 148 Release Date

Chainsaw Man Chapter 148 releases on Tuesday, September 14 at 5 p.m. PT.

Read Chainsaw Man Chapter 148 for free on Shueisha

Chainsaw Man Chapter 148 Release Date

Chainsaw Man Chapter 148 Spoilers

For the moment, we do not yet know the spoilers for chapter 148 of Chainsaw Man. In the meantime, here is the summary of chapter 147.

Barem mockingly applauds Nayuta and confirms his theory by calling her "the old Makima". He tells Denji that he must rediscover his wild instincts and not give up on being Chainsaw Man. Suddenly, he shouts to the sky that Chainsaw Man revealed to him that Nayuta is a witch. He orders the crowd of pseudo-Chainsaw people behind him to kill Nayuta, and they obey by rushing towards her. However, before they can harm him, Quanxi arrives and instantly beheads them all.

Quickly, she picks up Nayuta, Denji and Fumiko and takes them away from Barem without the slightest effort. When Fumiko calls her, perplexed, she simply responds "uh-huh". Holding the three in his arms, Quanxi jumps from the roof of the building and lands on the road below. In mid-flight, Quanxi bites into Fumiko's exposed stomach and keeps some blood in her mouth.

Upon reaching the ground, both of her legs instantly break, but she swallows Fumiko's blood and immediately regenerates. This noise alerts a crowd of pseudo-Chainsaw people, who rush towards the four. Quanxi puts the group down and, once again, effortlessly takes them out in less than a second. She and Barem face each other, with Barem comparing her to "a manga character made real".

Meanwhile, Denji, Nayuta, and Fumiko observe the chaos that reigns as public and private demon hunters confront the pseudo-Chainsaw people. A group of Public Safety hunters begin lining up the bodies of transformed Church members on the road, then create a pyre to cremate them.

A nearby police car announces that a demon outbreak has occurred and asks everyone who has passed the demon extermination exam to come to the aid of the pseudo-Chainsaw people. As Quanxi and the group watch the flames, a Public Security officer asks if it is necessary to cremate them. Another agent responds that any transformed person can return to life by pulling on their "ripcord" as long as they have blood, and that burning them is the easiest way to ensure their permanent death. Suddenly, an old man nearby points at Denji and starts shouting that he recognizes him as "a wannabe Chainsaw Man".