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CoD Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Mode (2023): Cheats, secrets and how it works

 Get off to a good start playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (2023) Zombies mode with the best tips and tricks to keep in mind and learn the most notable secrets of this installment.

CoD Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Mode (2023): Cheats, secrets and how it works

The Zombies return to the CoD franchise in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (2023) and they do so with a dedicated game mode set in a huge map full of secrets and unique features, with mechanics similar to DMZ. If you are new here and it is not clear to you how this mode works, or you want to discover all its most important secrets, then you are in the right place.

Next, in this entry of our guide, we are going to explain the fundamental tips to get off to a good start in the Zombies mode of CoD: MW 3 and we will explain its relevant details so that you can take advantage of it from your first game.

Zombies mode basics and explanation

The Zombies mode of CoD: MW 3 is a PvE extraction mode for teams of 3 players quite similar in its bases to what the DMZ mode of CoD Warzone is, but basically in this mode everything revolves around a vast map of Urzikistan with vehicles and the presence of infected zombies that relentlessly pursue you and your two squadmates.

The general concepts of the mode that you should know are the following:

  • Players in this mode collaborate to complete missions in games lasting up to 45 minutes.
  • In each game, the team must eliminate infected, fight against AI-controlled enemy mercenaries, complete contracts and obtain various rewards.
  • When you want to end a game, players must use an extraction point to be able to keep all the items and upgrades they have obtained.
  • During the games, we can obtain Essence (the main currency of the mode) to invest in purchasing items.
  • Some Zombies inventory items, such as locked weapons, have a cooldown before they can be used again (you will have to wait in real-time).
There are many more details to know about Zombies mode, of course, but we'll go over them a little more below.

Is Zombies mode free to play?

  • The Zombies mode of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (2023) is NOT free to play and cannot be played for free, as is the case with CoD: Warzone.
Zombies mode is an integral part of the CoD: MW 3 experience and therefore you must purchase this installment of the saga to be able to play. Once you purchase the game, you will not have to make any additional payment to enjoy Zombies mode, except, of course, if you have a subscription to PS Plus or Xbox Live on Sony or Microsoft consoles to have access to the online game.

How to progress in the Zombie story?

As in many other editions when there has been a Zombies mode, this CoD: MW 3 presents a new Zombies story that can be learned through different objectives. Operation Deadbolt (as the Zombies plot is titled), is divided into 3 acts in total with many different missions.

If you want to play the entire Zombies story then you must complete the three narrative acts, Act 1 "Welcome to Operation Deadbolt", Act 2 "Mother of Inventions" and Act 3 "Confrontation".

All of them will lead you to experience important story missions in unique places on the map:

  • Before starting a game of Zombies, you can choose what type of mission you want to tackle in the game.
  • New quests are added to the queue automatically, but you can only complete them one at a time.
  • Each act is divided into different missions by levels, to play the locked level missions, you will first have to complete all the tasks from a previous level.
  • Each story mission features unique rewards that you'll earn for your inventory as you complete them.
  • Whenever you are playing, you can pull down the map view to see at the top left which mission is currently active.
You know, if you want to complete the Zombies story, don't forget to complete the missions little by little in each game.

Obtain weapons and secure them

In CoD: MW 3's Zombies mode, weapons work in a particular way. On the one hand, we have the so-called "Secured Weapons" and on the other the "Smuggled Weapons".

  • Secured weapons: can be unlocked in a secured slot in your loadout. This way, if you lose the locked weapon, you can use it again later (although you will have to wait a reload period).
  • Contraband weapons: these are those that you get in your games and extract at the end, but they are not insured and therefore you can lose them forever if you leave them behind.
Of course, you can get weapons in many different ways. Whether that's by picking up ones left by other players around the map, opening loot caches, chests, and weapon racks, or purchasing them through mystery boxes or "wall buys." Likewise, locations with mercenaries are a very good way to obtain weapons, since these enemy NPCs carry them with them and usually have accessories installed.

How does difficulty work?

Zombies mode in CoD: MW 3 has a specific difficulty system that varies depending on where you are on the map. In general, the map is divided into 3 large sections by colors and "threat" levels, and every time you enter or change from one to another you will receive a notice at the top of the screen.

This means that depending on where you are, the level will be higher or lower.

  • Gray Zone - Low Threat: This zone is the largest and is on the edges of the map.
  • Orange Zone – Medium Threat: This zone ramps up the difficulty and is not recommended unless you have notable gear.
  • Red Zone - High Threat: This is the central zone of the map and has the highest difficulty. The Zombies are extremely strong here.
In addition to the fact that enemies and bosses will become much stronger and more abundant on higher difficulties, you should keep in mind that the quality and rarity of rewards will also increase significantly. Therefore, although the risk is greater, so are the rewards.

How to successfully mine to preserve your loot?

As we have already said above, all the loot you get in a game of CoD: MW 3 Zombies mode can be lost if you do not perform an extraction before the time runs out. Extraction points are easily recognized on the map by their blue icons with the symbol of a person leaving through a door.

To extract you simply have to visit one of these locations at any time during the game and call the extraction helicopter (the call button will appear when you are nearby). Once you alert the helicopter, waves of zombies will begin to arrive around you and you will have to hold out for a few seconds until the vehicle arrives. As soon as it lands, get on it and wait for it to take off to fly away and end the game.

Be careful, extraction points can be "unusable" for some time if another team uses them before you. You will know because its icon on the map will be a duller color. If this is the case, you will have to find another point or wait for it to restart. Also, keep in mind that you can extract without your teammates, you don't have to be all together or leave in the same helicopter (and you can even leave in a helicopter that another team has notified).

By the way, the only way to recover your loot if you have lost it when you die is to have activated the Tombstone Soda Can advantage in that game: this advantage leaves a backpack with all the contents of your backpack in the location where you died. departure. In the next game you play, if you reach it, you can recover the loot.

Helpful tips and tricks to keep in mind

To finish, we wanted to leave a space with some basic tips and tricks that you should know and that will come in handy in your first games of Zombies mode:

  • Essence rewards: They are the same anywhere on the map, so you can stay in the "easy" area to farm it.
  • Expand your backpack size: by obtaining larger backpacks that are found randomly, although they are more common in fortresses, chests, and contract rewards.
  • Improve your armor: obtaining vests with a greater number of armor slots, available mainly in loot caches and mercenary camps.
  • Complete bounties whenever you can: these help you accumulate more essence quickly and give you valuable rewards.
  • Invest Essence in Mystery Boxes - this is the best way to use it in the long run (although you can also buy perks from time to time if you prefer).
  • Get Pack-a-Punch upgrades: to upgrade your main weapon as soon as you can, they are very useful for progressing in the mode.
  • Create blueprints as soon as you unlock them: there are no crafting costs beyond obtaining the blueprints (although there are cooldowns).
  • Don't carry all your good equipment in a single match: if you get eliminated, you will lose absolutely everything. It is better not to risk and bring one or two insured teams to each game. You will get the rest in the game.
  • Team up with other players: Other teams are marked with blue circles on the map and you can collaborate with them to improve your chances of survival.
  • Revive your companions: if one falls, you can still go to their position and bring them back to life. Even though he has been knocked out. Don't hesitate and do it.
With everything we have explained to you in this entry, we hope that your first steps through the Zombies mode of CoD: MW 3 are pleasant and fun. Good luck!