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CoD MW3: The 7 best tips on how to level up your weapons faster

 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has just launched and you can finally play all game modes since this morning. This also means that you can level up your new in-game weapons. To help you make quick progress, we have 7 tips for you here.

CoD MW3: The 7 best tips on how to level up your weapons faster

Why should you level your weapons? The higher the level of your weapon, the more powerful it is.

You can unlock new attachments that improve your favorite firearm. A few examples: With a rifle scope you can hit enemies that are further away better. A silencer reduces the volume of your weapon, making you harder to find.

You can have the new components installed in the Gunsmith mode, which has been revised for CoD MW3 before you start the next match stronger.

By the way, here you can find our top 5 weapons and their best upgrades:

What are the basic requirements for leveling weapons? Basically, you always have to have the weapon you want to level with you. Unfortunately, weapon levels are not shared across the board but are specific to individual weapons.

As you play, you basically gain some passive experience points for weapons carried. But if you want it to go faster, we recommend the following tips.

Here are 7 tips for leveling up weapons faster

1. Use the weapon being leveled often

It may sound obvious, but yes: use the weapon you want to level up as often as possible. This means that these weapons will be credited with the experience points you have collected and you will get better at using them with each match.

Being able to handle your weapon is important because headshots give you more XP. So you should get a lot of practice in getting your opponents' heads with your desired weapon.

2. Complete the essay challenges

Each weapon has its own unique attachment challenges, as shown in the image below. If you fulfill these, new attachments will also be unlocked, which will make it easier for you to play and level with the weapon as described above.

3. Complete the weapon-specific challenges

CoD MW3 also presents you with weapon-specific challenges that you can complete. For example, you may have to manage a certain number of headshots in a correspondingly short period of time - with a certain type of weapon. Or you have to do five double kills.

Each weapon challenge you complete gives you experience for that type. Therefore, check what is required for your weapon type and work specifically towards it.

4. Complete the daily challenges associated with the weapons

In the lobby of CoD MW3, you will find three new challenges every day. There doesn't necessarily always have to be some weapons here, but there is a chance.

So just keep an eye on what the game demands every day and work on what makes sense for you.

5. Use the double XP tokens

In the game, you can receive so-called prestige tokens or have brought them with you from the predecessor CoD MW2. The double XP tokens are most important for leveling weapons. If you activate one of them, you will receive a double experience for your weapons over the next two hours.

A well-known way to get Prestige Tokens is to complete campaign missions.

6. Participate in events for double XP

Some of the events in CoD MW3 also give you double experience points for weapons, similar to the double XP tokens. Look out for it.

7. Try certain game modes

The different game modes give you different levels of experience. Currently, you can get the most out of Ground War :

The more people participate and the more time you have, the more experience points you can unlock per round. In Ground War, 64 players face each other in two teams. This is the largest number of players the game currently offers.