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There are 11 modes in total in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Some couldn't be more different. That's why we're listing all the available modes, showing you what they include, and explaining what type of player they suit.  

What modes exist in MW3? There are a total of 11 modes. However, you have to differentiate a bit, because two of them are designed for 32vs32 players, one is a new 3vs3vs3 mode, while the remaining eight activities are designed for 6vs6 matches. Infinity Ward has implemented the following modes:

  • 6vs6 modes
    • Team Deathmatch
    • Free for all
    • Domination
    • Search & Destroy
    • control
    • Kill confirmed
    • position

  • War

  • 3vs3vs3 modes
    • Ruthless

  • 32vs32 modes
    • Ground War
    • invasion

In the following part of the article, we will briefly explain the aim of the activity and which type of player it is suitable for. If you're looking for a specific mode, you can tap the names in our listing. They will take you immediately to the place you are looking for.

Team Deathmatch

What kind of mode is this? Team Deathmatch is the most famous mode in CoD. In this two teams compete against each other. The team with the most kills wins. There are no other tasks to complete here, only the kills count.

Who is this for? This mode is primarily for players who either want to warm up or want to play a relaxed game. Here you don't have to pay much attention to tactics and you can have a little fun with friends or solo.

Free for all

What kind of mode is this? A veteran of CoD is also “free for all”. In this mode, you compete solo against other solo players and have to reach the point limit through kills. Everyone is on their own.

Who is this for? Free for all can be used well for exercises. This is the best way to train how you have to react in gunfights in order to emerge victorious. Basically, this mode is for anyone who wants to have fun or test their skills.


What kind of mode is this? In Domination, you compete against a team and have to conquer, defend, and hold three fixed points on the map. The team that scores the most points through these zones wins the match.

Who is this for? Domination also belongs to these modes that you can play for relaxation. Depending on the map, you can quickly pick off enemies and get a lot of weapon kills. So if you want to test a new setup, Dominion would be more suitable for you.

Search & Destroy

What kind of mode is this? In Search & Destroy, two teams compete against each other. One team has to plant the bomb in zone A or B, while the other team has to hunt down the bombers and defuse the bomb.

Who is this for? Search and Destroy is a tactical mode in which you have to act in coordination with your team. Respawns are disabled, so you can't rush into battle like Rambo, otherwise, it will have a negative impact on your team.

This mode is especially for those who like to choose their moves strategically carefully and boldly secure victory.


What kind of mode is this? In Control, you and your teammates compete against a 6-player squad and have to take turns protecting or capturing two zones. The first team to win three rounds wins the match.

Who is this for? Control is a relaxed mode for campers and players who want to play fast games. The mode goes quickly and with good teammates, you will win one or two rounds.

Kill confirmed

What kind of mode is this? In Kill Confirmed you have to eliminate enemies in the team and collect their dropped dog tags. Sabotage your enemy by picking up dog tags from fallen comrades to prevent them from being shot down.

Who is this for? Players who like to farm kills and cleverly maneuver their way through the map are in good hands in this mode. Players who enjoy team deathmatch will also enjoy it. The only difference between the two modes is the mechanics of the dog tags.


What kind of mode is this? Once in position, you and your team are thrown onto the map and have to find and siege a randomly generated position on the map. The besiegers then receive points per second. But be careful, the position is constantly changing on the map. The team that received the most points through positions wins.

Who is this for? Players who move accurately and quickly through the map are made for “position”. The most important thing here is to keep the opposing team on the fence for a long time until you have collected enough points. So you have to use a pinch of tactics in order to survive.


What kind of mode is this? In War, you compete as a team against an opposing force and have to complete tasks. Air defense sites are captured, tanks are escorted, and upload bridging is carried out.

Who is this for? War is for those who want to do more multiplayer tasks instead of shooting down their enemies. The mode can be played solo but also in a team.


What kind of mode is this? Unmerciful is a new mode in which three teams of three compete against each other. Enemies that are eliminated remain dead until a new round begins unless you are revived by your colleagues. The team that wins the first three rounds wins the match.

Who is this for? The mode is particularly suitable for players with a coordinated squad of three, as you can coordinate with each other. This way you can surely win the match.

Ground War

What kind of mode is this? This is one of the two major modes. You are thrown onto a large map with vehicles with a 32-player squad and have to conquer zones like in Domination. The team that has collected the most points wins.

Who is this for? For every player who wants action. In Ground War, you will find a lot of fun, freedom, and, above all, space for tactical players or casual soldiers who would like to discover something new. Mistakes can be forgiven because so many colleagues in the team can intervene.

However, it can be difficult to get into a rhythm at first.


What kind of mode is this? Invasion is the last major mode in CoD MW3 and also lets you land on one of the large maps. Your goal is to eliminate the opposing team in order to collect points. The team that reaches the points limit wins.

Who is this for? Anyone who wants a huge round of team deathmatch will be happy in Invasion. The maps offer plenty of space for all game types among you. Campers, rushers, or the sweaty pro next door will feel at home in Invasion.

These were all the modes from CoD MW3. Do you already have a favorite mode or can't decide yet? Please leave us a comment with your opinion.