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Completing additional tasks in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty - side missions, fixer orders and hijackings


Completing additional tasks in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty - side missions, fixer orders and hijackings

The Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty expansion gave fans not only an interesting story but also a number of cool additional missions that are very different from what we saw in the main game. Now optional tasks and contracts are full-fledged mini-stories with choices in the finale. To make it easier for you to make decisions, we have prepared this guide with the passage of all side quests.

How to complete the quest “Acrobatic tricks”

  • Type: Fixer job.

The Fixer will tell you that two not-entirely honest cops are being held by the people of an influential bandit named Acrobat. The wife of one of the policemen wants to save them, which is what V must do.

First, meet Stella, the wife of one of the cops, and find out the situation. The bandits' base is very close. Stella will tell you that it is better to do without killing, be sure to listen to this. There are several entrances to the location; we chose from the balcony.

To avoid killing anyone, use a “Format” script that cannot be tracked, or a weapon with a module for non-lethal ammo. Most other scripts immediately give away your location, which means you lose your advantage.

Also buy the Optical Camouflage implant, it will help a lot. Once you make it through the first floor and security, look for the cops. Listen to their incredible story. Now you need to escort both of them to the patrol car.

Going down the stairs, one of the policemen will open the door. Immediately hide around the corner. There is one guard and a camera ahead. Turn off or set the camera to friendly mode, and then quietly knock out the guard.

The door separating you from the underground parking lot is locked. To open it, you need 20 power points. If the required characteristic is not there, return along the corridor to the first room to reconfigure the transformer.

There will be a guard immediately behind the door. Use "Format" on him, otherwise, he will notice V and raise the alarm. There are three more guards ahead, after which you will finally get to the patrol car.

Suddenly an Acrobat will appear. Answer him: “I’m fulfilling the order”, “He’s lying”, “I have nothing to do with it”, “They were afraid that you would kill them”, “What now?”

If you haven't killed any of Acrobat's men, he will let V and both cops go alive. The task is completed.

How to complete the quest “The Beginning of Trouble”

  • Type: Side mission.

Talk to Paco at the market. Agree to sit and drink and then inhale the stimulant. You will find yourself in Paco's story as a colonel. Approach Yuri and talk to him. Then go down to the first floor and beat up Paco.

For the next scene, inhale the dive again, and wait for the convoy to stop and shoot all the scavengers. Approach the survivor and wait in reality for the ending of Paco's story.

The guy will ask for advice. Do not select "Fram Yuri". We did just that, and the ending of the story was tragic. Try connecting connections.

In our case, it was necessary to meet with Paco and Barbara the next day, but Yuri was already waiting for V, who not only found out about the plan but had already killed the boy. Barbara escaped and left the city.

How to complete the quest “Saints of Dog City”

  • Type: Fixer job.

The church where the ripper received patients for free was seized by a gang of “scavengers.” The doctor definitely needs to be saved. First, talk to the doctor's colleague - a former priest. He will tell you several additional ways to the temple. Enter from the back door or through the window, which is guarded by soldiers.

Here you don't have to worry about death. The task itself is a banal cleanup. There is nothing special inside the church and it is not difficult to find a ripper. However, the most interesting thing will be in the finale.

It turns out that the gang came because of the missing brother of the girl leader. You can repeat our scenario or choose different answers. Choose: “Calm down, don’t be nervous”, “Answer her and we’ll go our separate ways”, “Help yourself”, “Gaspar is to blame for everything”, “Separate”.

Probably, if you give the girl her brother's body, she will leave. In our case, Nika immediately became aggressive and had to be shot. Nevertheless, the doctor is alive, and the order is completed.

How to complete the quest “Wherever you throw it, there’s a clinch everywhere”

  • Type: Side mission.

The trainer who led your fights in Night City will ask you to meet with Aaron, a fighter from Dog City. The big guy needs to get to the ripper at the “scavengers” base. Head to the indicated point.

There are two guards at the entrance, turn left in front of them to where the mines are installed. Disable them first. There you will find a ladder that you can use to climb higher and quietly slip into the building.

It doesn’t matter how you proceed further. The main thing to remember is that there is a motion detector and cameras at the entrance to the main part of the location; they must be turned off.

Next, there will be a turret - it is advisable to switch it to friendly mode. Don't forget about a whole series of surveillance cameras. You can kill everyone or act more subtly - it doesn’t matter. Reaper is waiting at the very top.

Wait for the end of the operation, the head of Aaron’s former gang, Angie, will come. Ask her how she found out about you. Then say that you are protecting the boxer: “This fight will be decisive for him,” “Intimidate.”

When the boxer wakes up, say that his friends came, and then “Angie told me everything.” The task will end abruptly, and you will learn the consequences only after a while. Aaron will lose and will not escape Angie's control, but will end up becoming a top-notch children's coach. You can try other solutions.

How to complete the quest “Steal and Sell”

  • Type: Theft.

As you explore Dog Town, you will find a steering wheel icon on the map - these are cars for theft. The tasks are regular and can be completed constantly, but to do this, do the very first one. Get into the right car and drive outside the Dog City. Along the way, deal with your pursuers. Some similar tasks will have additional conditions, for example, to arrive without accidents or within the allotted time. Also, cars for theft will appear in other areas of Night City.

How to complete the quest “Out of sight, out of mind”

  • Type: Order fixer.
You need to get a prototype of an eye implant from the scavengers. There are quite a lot of soldiers before entering the base, deal with them in any convenient way - there are no restrictions. There are also many security cameras through which it is convenient to hack opponents. Don't miss the turret, immediately switch it to friendly mode.

Once inside, take out three more enemies and reprogram the second turret. Take the elevator and eliminate the group of enemies. It turns out that the prototype is in the prisoner Hassan. Agree to release him.

At Hassan's prompt, lower the drawbridge to cross to another skyscraper. Next, the prisoner will begin to persuade you to let him go. Do not agree, because in this case V will not fulfill the order. You will have a choice: call the fixer or let Hassan go.

We called the fixer. Ask Handsome to take the prototype, but let Hassan go. The fixer will agree and send a car for you. In the future, Hassan will write to you and give you a pistol.

How to complete the quest “The forest is being cut down - the chips are flying”

  • Type: Order fixer.
V needs to get to the Voodoo base and kill one of the bandits chasing the girl. There is a guard in front of the main entrance, go a little left and then right - there is a parking lot and a security camera.

Hack the surveillance system and eliminate the security in the parking lot. You can now switch between cameras. Deal with the enemies.

Find the corridor with the red “path” and go deeper into the complex. You will find yourself in a room with robots. Most likely, you will have to destroy them all. Next, move into the only accessible corridor.

You will find your target, but an undercover Network Watch employee is connected to him. He will explain the situation, that there is someone else behind the bandit.

If V leaves him alive, the girl will probably die, but there will be time and the opportunity to find out the true villains. The netrunner did not convince us, so we killed both him and the target.

How to complete the quest “Nymph”

  • Type: Order fixer.
The Fixer will contact V and say that a local celebrity needs help. She's supposedly being held at an old brain dance store, but Handsom hasn't been able to verify her identity, so V needs to be on her guard.

Go to the store. There will be nothing on the first floor, go to the basement. There you will see two men. One is standing in a closed room in women's clothing. Talk to the second one. It turns out that they are both the owners of the store, but Tul - the one who is into women's things - rewatched the brain dances with Lina Malina and accidentally damaged his brain. The man needs to be saved, but the second owner asks to invite the real Lina here to record an exclusive video and advertise the store.

Your goal is to fulfill both requests. Exit the store and talk to Johnny. He will offer to call familiar rippers. Write to Victor and Judy. Both of them will give approximately the same answers. We need to find something that will be very important to the real personality of Toole. Return to the basement and inspect the area to the right of the locked Tula. There is a letter on the floor. Scan it and read it. That's enough, now go to Lina.

The star's guards sit at the entrance. We tried to come to an agreement, but it didn't work out. There may be another way, but we killed everyone. Go upstairs and wait for Lina.

When the girl comes, V needs to pretend to be a producer. When asked about the corpses below, lie. Since our V is a corporation, use this answer to get the girl to agree to the shoot without prepayment. Otherwise, you will have to either pay or try to persuade in another way.

Wait for Pero to write to you and return to the store. Send Lina Tula's letter and ask her to read it. The man’s brain will recover almost immediately. Reply something to Lina's complaints and the quest will end.

How to complete the quest “Weathervane”

  • Type: Order fixer.
Mr. Handsome will call you and ask you to help the journalist. First, you need to go to her house and find an access card. After this, V will receive new instructions.

In the apartment, inspect the bamboo in the bedroom. V will immediately detect the access card. Now return to Dog Town to the meeting point. Before you leave, you will meet a suspicious neighbor at the door. Chat him up, after which you can go to the elevator.

To find the journalist, you will have to go down into the catacombs under the house where you live. You were already there with the president at the very beginning. Go around the train and follow the tracks until you see an old distributor on the left. Jump into the gap and immediately meet the girl.

The journalist will open the door to the laboratory. Turn off the turret and another one further down the corridor. Cameras and mines await you ahead. Carefully remove all protection so that the girl can pass through.

As soon as you get into the last room and look through all the records, that same neighbor, whose name is Dante, will come in.

The man works for a corporation and will say that Bree is a corrupt journalist who writes custom articles. If you take the girl's side, you will later find out that she deceived you, so you can support Dante. The task is completed.

How to complete the quest “Little People, Big Stakes”

  • Type: Side mission.
Meet El Capitan at the platinum and listen to the plan. It is necessary to steal a truck with medicines from the port of Arasaki. Talk to El Capitan before leaving the dam, then head to the port.

Follow Daniels' advice and start the quest at night. There is a way to steal a truck quietly. If you have enough skills, quietly open the security post and eliminate the guard.

Remotely knock out a guard on a ship. Find the right moment and knock out the guard near the car on the left.

Use tactical camouflage to go to the right side and jump onto the ship. Take out the camera at the top, and then go up there and take out the guard.

Continue stripping remotely or manually. Climb the crates on the right, if you stand with your back to the bow of the ship, and move forward. Next, carefully make your way through the containers in the same way so that you end up next to the truck. As soon as you get behind the wheel, the alarm will go off.

Avoid being chased by programming other people's cars. Get to the place and the task will be completed.

How to complete the quest “The Man Who Killed Jason Foreman”

  • Type: Order fixer.
Go to the place and talk to the slum leader. Scan the area to find out the details of the tragedy: boot prints, a hiding place under the house, bullet marks, a crashed drone, a dent on the porch of a house, and a fence on the roof.

Hack the chip and go to the old motel. There's a bandit base there. You can deal with them as you wish. The killer himself will be on the top floor at the end of the corridor. He is guarded by a mini-boss - Yakov. Deal with him. The man V is looking for is in serious condition and has lost all his combat implants. It turns out that he does not remember how he killed the children from the slums. He is in the early stages of cyberpsychosis.

V must bring military tags to confirm the completed order, so you have a choice - force the killer to be treated, bring the tags and lie, or complete the order as is. In the first case, Rinder will feel better and give himself away by sending money to the families of the victims. There will be no other consequences for V.

How to complete the quest “Agent in the Jungle”

  • Type: Order fixer.
Go to the apartment marked as the meeting point and talk to the two Brazilian scouts. They are looking for a colleague who disappeared six months ago and has now appeared on the map again. The task is complicated by the fact that he is being hunted by a particularly dangerous Russian killer.

When you get to the enemy base, the missing agent Mark will contact V and say that he is at the very end of the building, wounded. You can cut out all the bandits, and the guards will not present any problems. Just watch out for the mines on the floor.

As soon as you reach the right door, the killer Boris will appear. Fighting him can cause problems. Firstly, he moves very quickly and regularly uses camouflage, making him difficult to notice on the ground. Secondly, the boss constantly summons drones and projections. The winning tactic is simple - throw as many scripts at Borya as possible at a time, preferably with “Motor Impairment”, as this slows him down. After success, go to the desired room.

It turns out that Mark has been dead for a long time, and the fugitive interrogator Katya spoke in his voice. Hints of this can be obtained if you search Boris. You will find a chip with an order specifically for Catherine. The girl really took part in Mark’s death, but this was not her initiative, but an order from above. At least that's what she says. However, from the information that you could find from the same Boris, it will become known that according to the plan, Mark should not have died. Now V has a choice - to fulfill the order by killing Katya or to spare her, for which she will give the coordinates of the hiding place.

However, if you are cunning enough, you can go a third way. Agree to the option to spare in order to immediately receive the coordinates of the cache, then shoot Katya.

When you leave the base, one of the agents who issued the order will contact V. He will ask you not to bring Mark's biochip to them, as this will lead to conflict in their country. In this case, it is better to leave the biochip in the parcel terminal. Or you can not listen and still bring the chip.

If you comply with the agent's request, he will contact you after a while and transfer the money. You will also learn that a contract between the country and the corporation was concluded, the agent himself was promoted, but the girl who most wanted to get to the bottom of the truth was fired. You can find out for yourself what happens if you bring the chip to her. The quest is completed.

How to complete the quest “The Open Secret”

  • Type: Order fixer.
According to the plot, V must infiltrate a children's sports school and find information about tax fraud on the headmistress's computer. The peculiarity of the school is that they give children chrome, which is not appropriate for their age. You must work undercover. Before you begin, talk to Mr. Handsome's hacker to get a new identity and discuss details. Please note that you are not allowed to talk to strangers, remember this. Now you can take the elevator to school.

Inside, talk to the administrator, and then go into the hall where the “exhibition” of children is taking place. The bartender may call out to you, do not react under any circumstances. If V sits down to have a drink, one of the customers will sit down with him and during the conversation, the legend will be revealed. The security guard will take you to the ID verification room. Even if you quietly knock him out in the same room, it will be difficult to exit safely, as other guards will constantly notice you.

However, you can try. In our case, we made our way into the room behind the reception. You can only gain access there with a sufficient amount of technical skill. Inside you will find a computer that opens the door behind the catwalk (that's where you need to go) and also turns off the cameras. Use Optical Cloaking to get into the room behind the podium and get past the guards. It is important not to raise the alarm, as there are a lot of soldiers in the school, and they will all attack you instantly. You can first reconnoiter the situation through cameras.

Going down, find yourself in the right corridor. There is another computer there that disables the surveillance system. It is extremely important to do this so as not to get caught by a random camera.

In the future, also quietly make your way past the guards until you get into the room with the girl. Talk to her to understand the situation. The child will not give you away, but V will begin to realize that for many families, getting into this school is the only chance to escape poverty.

In the next room, you will finally find the computer you need. A boy is rummaging through the headmistress's desk. Talk to him and calm him down. Unexpectedly, the headmistress herself will come.

Send the child away and talk to her. Tell her the reason for the visit and listen to the proposal. You can help the boy Tommy and get only part of the data that is not dangerous for the school, or you can take all the data.

We agreed to the first option. There will be no tangible consequences here.

How to complete the Path of Kings quest

  • Type: Side mission.
This is a very simple mission involving new graffiti. When you find all the images in Dog City, go to Misty and find out the meaning of the cards. This is a hint about the possible endings of the story, about which we have a separate guide.

How to complete the quest “With a Heavy Heart”

  • Type: Order fixer.
Talk to Michael, who runs the arcade store. A corrupt prosecutor is collecting dirt on his son. She needs to be found at the club and the issue resolved.

Go to the club. The fixer will ask you to do everything quietly. Along with the task at the sports school, this is another quest where you will have to work hard to complete it secretly.

The prosecutor is located on the top floor in the VIP room. The entrance there will be on the left side of the club, but the door is locked.

To gain access, go to the elevator you used to get to the fixer and turn right. The door is blocked by a guard who cannot be distracted by improvised means. There is a camera hanging above the elevator, through which you can study the situation on the floors and knock out several guards. To safely get past the first security guard, “Optical Camouflage” is best. There are two guards and a camera ahead. Don't rush, the distant guard will move into the side room, then you can safely knock out one through the camera and only then the second.

In the same room there is a computer that will give you access to the VIP area. There are a lot of guards at the top, but they can all be quietly knocked out one by one. Go to room No. 4, but the woman will not be there, she is at 6.

When you get there, you will hear a dialogue behind the door, listen to it to the end and enter. Talk to the prosecutor. She will show a video from which it will become clear that the father himself ratted out his son for money. V will be offered a choice - either to take the information that the customer asked for, or to leave the information and simply remove the father’s name from the testimony.

In the first case, her colleague and lover will stand up for the prosecutor, but he can be easily intimidated. When you come to hand in the assignment, it will become clear that the woman did not lie. Therefore, it is better to agree to her proposal and punish the criminals. After you report to your father, the quest will be complete.

How to complete the quest “Path to Redemption”

  • Type: Fixer job.
The girl asks to defuse the network bomb. Find out the details from the customer and go to the place.

You can clear the terrorist base out in the open. In addition to the soldiers, V will encounter several turrets. When you find the bomb, download the program from the sliver onto it and return it.

As soon as V meets the girl, you will be surrounded by Biotechnika employees. It turns out that the customer has already detonated a similar bomb and is now accused of terrorism. As always, the hero has a choice: to hand over the customer or to intervene.

We intervened and destroyed the agents. The girl will thank you for your help and leave. Johnny will really like this option.

How to complete the quest “Silver Shoes”

  • Type: Fixer job.
After completing all the fixer's tasks, Mr. Handsome will ask to meet. You just need to visit him and talk. For good work, V will be rewarded with a new car.