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Cross-platform Modern Warfare 3: how to deactivate it on PlayStation, Xbox and PC?

 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 offers cross-play for its console and PC players. However, cross-platform can be restrictive for some people. So, in this article, we explain how to deactivate it so that your lobby is only filled with players from your platform.

Cross-platform Modern Warfare 3: how to deactivate it on PlayStation, Xbox and PC?

How to enable or disable cross-platform on MW3?

For cross-play, there are two teams on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: those who wish to stay among owners of the same platform and those who wish to play with friends who are on different platforms. In any case, the method remains the same, since you will only have to activate or deactivate this functionality.

However, only console players (Xbox and PlayStation) can adjust attendance in their lobby. PC players currently have no choice but to play with console players.

For PlayStation players, the path is relatively simple, as you will just have to follow the following:

  • Go to Game Settings,
  • Then head to Account and Networks,
  • From the Online menu, set “No” to the Cross-play setting,

For Xbox players, the methodology is a little less intuitive since you have to go through the console settings:

  • Go to Console Settings,
  • Next, head to Online Safety & Family,
  • In the Xbox Privacy menu, go to Communication & Multiplayer,
  • Set “ Block ” to “ You can participate in multiplayer games ”,
  • And finally, restart your console so that it takes into account the modification of the parameter
If you wish to reconsider your decision, you will simply have to follow the same path as we indicated to you above, but this time by authorizing Cross-play.

Please note that deactivating cross-platform may have a negative impact on the time needed to find a game. Since you are restricting your lobby, MW3 will be forced to take more time to find players. So don't hesitate to re-establish cross-play if you see that you're taking too long to find games.

For PC players who would really like to remain members, there is unfortunately no way out . Additionally, there is no word on whether the developers plan to bring this setting to their game.