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Diablo 4: How to create a seasonal character and why you should do it

 If you don't create a seasonal character in Diablo 4, you won't be able to participate in everything the seasons have to offer. Here we explain its characteristics and how to start with one.

Diablo 4: How to create a seasonal character and why you should do it

Blizzard's inclusion of seasons in Diablo 4 is a great way to have new content, missions, items or battle passes every so often in the game. However, these quarterly updates that are free require players to create a new character completely dedicated to the season, since it does not serve us to play in them with a "normal and ordinary" character, so to speak.

Don't know how this works or have questions about it? Don't worry, in this entry of our guide, we are going to explain how to create a seasonal character in Diablo 4 and why you should do it, in addition to answering other common questions on this topic.

How to create a seasonal character?

As we have already told you, if you want to enjoy the experience that the Diablo 4 seasons offer, then you must create a character from scratch dedicated to it to access the Season's Kingdom. Since this may not be clearly marked in the game menus, here are the steps to follow:

  • The first thing you should do is enter the Diablo 4 start menu.
  • On the character selection screen, you must choose "Create new character" .
  • Now, customize your new character as you wish and when you are ready move on to the "Finish" tab of the creation menu.
  • A short text will appear here with the information of the current season .
  • Finish creating your character, name it and press the "Start" button .
  • This will bring up a message on the screen to choose your hero's kingdom .
  • If you want to access the content of the current season you will have to choose the "Season Kingdom" option .

Please note that if you choose to play in the "Eternal Kingdom" your new character will not be a seasonal character, but a default character. Therefore, be sure to choose the "Kingdom of the Season".

If you already played Diablo 4 after its initial release, and you have other characters from the "Eternal Kingdom", we recommend that before creating your new seasonal character for the first time you log in and load your most advanced game with a character of the eternal Kingdom. This will allow your Blizzard account to sync and, when you start playing with the new seasonal character, you will have some progress made with your character from the eternal realm transferred over (such as the Sanctuary map you have revealed to date, the Altars of Lilith unlocked, renown levels in regions and so on...)

How to skip the campaign to play seasonal content?

Diablo 4 Seasons content is only accessible after completing the main campaign. This means that after creating a seasonal character you will have to play the entire story (including the epilogue) to be able to start enjoying the seasonal missions. However, you have the option to skip the campaign to save a few hours of gameplay...

  • In Diablo 4 you can skip the entire campaign if you have already played with another character before the entire story.
  • You can do this from the character creation menu (as we already explained in another section of our guide).
  • In the "Finish" tab you will find the box to skip the campaign under "Game Options" .
  • Make sure you check this box to activate to jump directly into the open world with your new seasonal character.
Keep in mind that you will still start from level 1 with your new seasonal character when you skip the campaign, but you will no longer have to play all the story missions to go directly to the seasonal content, which you will quickly recognize in your quest journal because Their icons are marked with green leaf symbols.

Why is it better to play with a seasonal character?

Basically, it's much better to play Diablo 4 with a seasonal character because if you play with an Eternal Realm character you won't have access to the additional content that a season offers.

  • Playing a character from the Eternal Realm is like playing the base version of Diablo 4, but the Seasonal Realm is more worth playing.
  • Even if it is your first time in Diablo 4, in the season realm you will be able to play the entire main story of this installment and its original content, but as soon as you reach the endgame you will also have access to the season content.
  • Only in the Season Realm do you have access to the Battle Pass and the Season Journal, with which you can unlock special free rewards for your account.
As you can see, there are no disadvantages to playing with a seasonal character, so if you haven't created yours yet and are going to start playing Diablo 4, don't hesitate.

What happens to your seasonal character when the season ends?

Don't worry, you don't have to fear that your character is going to disappear when a season ends. Simply put, at the end of the current season (they all last around three months, remember), your seasonal character will be moved to the Eternal Realm and you will still be able to play with them outside of the season as normal.

So as I said, play without pressure because all the progress you make with your seasonal character will not be lost when the season comes to an end nor will your hero disappear overnight.