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Diablo 4 Season 3: Release date and all the information from Blizzcon

 Blizzcon 2023 is coming, and with it a whole battery of announcements. Diablo 4 will be entitled to a new season, season 3 which will be the season of XXX.

Diablo 4 Season 3: Release date and all the information from Blizzcon

Blizzcon is here and we have a lot to discover for the return of the famous Blizzard physics conference, directly in California. This conference has been an opportunity for many years for the studio to make its biggest announcements, and we expect a lot of new stuff in 2023.

Diablo 4 is one of the studio's newest games and has received a lot of updates since its release in June 2023. Season 2 was a first breath of fresh air for the game but players want more! During Blizzcon.

All the information on Diablo 4 Season 3

Diablo 4 offers a new season approximately every 3 months, and we are therefore entitled to the brand new season 3 of Diablo in the various announcements of this Blizzcon. This season has a completely new theme and will be arriving in the next few months.

For this season, beyond the different balancing and other systems, we will have access to a brand new system that allows us to have a competitive ranking system that will allow us to measure ourselves against others. This competitive mode is called the Gauntlet, allowing you to measure yourself against other characters who, like you, are trying to succeed in going higher and further.

This competitive system level should arrive later in the year with season 3, we don't know more at this time.