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Diablo 4: What content transfers between seasons and what does not?

Are you worried about what content and progress is shared from one Diablo 4 season to the next and what is lost forever? Here we reveal its details so that you are aware.

Diablo 4: What content transfers between seasons and what does not?

The arrival of the quarterly seasons to Diablo 4 is something that many players were looking forward to, but also something that may support certain doubts among the Blizzard ARPG community. And, as we have already told you in another section of our guide, to access the content of the seasons you must first create a new seasonal character.

This, logically, is likely to make many wonder what content is transferred between seasons of Diablo 4 and what cannot be shared or is lost when one ends. Well, we are going to reveal all that and more to you below so that you have no doubts left.

What content transfers between seasons?

So that you have no doubts, below we list which content is transferred between seasons and is available in your Diablo 4 account regardless of the character you use to play:

  • Campaign Skip: Once you complete the story with any character (whether they are part of the Eternal Kingdom or the Seasonal Kingdom), you can skip the campaign from now on with any new character.
  • Mounts: After unlocking the mounts (horses) feature in Act 4, you can keep them available even when starting a game with a new seasonal character.
  • World Map Revealed: The fog of war you clear by exploring the Sanctuary map is also shared between characters in new seasons so you don't have to reveal it again.
  • Lilith Altars Activated: Any altars you find that give you stat bonuses are transferred between your seasonal characters so you already have them from the start.
  • Renown Earned: The level of renown you achieve in each region is also shared between characters and new seasons.
  • Gear Transmogs: Any weapon or armor transmogs, as well as cosmetic items purchased from the store, are shared between seasons and characters.
  • Battle Pass Rewards: All cosmetic items you can unlock in each pass remain unlocked in your account forever and are not lost.

It's also worth mentioning that all items you get with a seasonal character during a season, including the seasonal stash, will transfer to the eternal realm when the season ends. This means that you can take your character to Sanctuary without losing what you have accumulated while playing (although one more detail must be mentioned about this, we will tell you about it below).

Contents that are lost and are not transferable

Unfortunately, not all content in Diablo 4 can be shared between seasons and between the Eternal Realm and the Seasonal Realm. There are some specific features and innovative game mechanics introduced in a season that can be lost at the end of the season, as has already happened with the evil hearts of Season 1 (these were only obtainable at the time).

We have already explained to you above that all the items you get with a seasonal character can be taken to the eternal kingdom, but be careful, we must mention an important note here: you can lose them if you do not take the following into account:

  • After the end of a season, all items in the season's stash are automatically stored in a new stash tab called "Withdrawal Only" in the eternal realm (you'll recognize it by the leaf symbol).
  • When this happens, you have a time limit of the entire duration of the next season to remove the items you want to keep in the eternal realm.
  • Seasonal items that remain in the Withdrawal Only tab after the next season ends cannot be recovered.

In addition to what has been said, if you already have a character from the eternal kingdom and you are going to proceed to create a seasonal character for the first time, you should also know that the stash, inventory materials obtained from your original character are not transferred to the seasonal character. , gold coins, red dust, murmuring obols, or unlocked aspects of the power codex. In that sense, you will have to start "from scratch" with the seasonal character.

How to make sure your progress transfers between seasons?

If you played at the start of Diablo 4's launch with a standard Eternal Realm character and are now replaying a new game with a seasonal character, and want to ensure that the progress you made with your base character transfers to your seasonal character, season, be sure to keep this in mind:

  • Sign in to Diablo 4 with your account.
  • Load the game of your most advanced character from the eternal realm.
  • Then, return to the main menu and create your seasonal character.

By doing this, if everything has gone well, you will ensure that your progress in the campaign, the map areas discovered, and the altars of Lilith unlocked will be transferred from the eternal kingdom character to the new kingdom character of the season from the first minute of departure.

On the other hand, if what you want is to transfer your obtained seasonal stash to the eternal realm, remember that when the current season ends you must visit the "Withdrawal only" tab of the stash and remove all the obtained items from there before the end of the next one. season, you will not be able to recover them correctly and they will be lost.