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Disney Dreamlight Valley Blue Potato: how to obtain this ore?

On Disney Dreamlight Valley, there are a whole bunch of ingredients you can get. This time, We'll explain where to find blue potatoes.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Blue Potato: how to obtain this ore?

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available in early access since September 6, 2022, on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. With its official release scheduled for December 5, it will be accompanied by the expansion A Rift in Timein which you will have to stop Jafar's evil plans.

Since its release, players have had access to many activities including the ability to collect ores to earn money, make recipes, and more. We'll explain how to get blue potatoes in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to get blue potatoes on Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Before you can get your hands on the blue potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley, several conditions must be met. First of all, it is imperative to have a golden potato.

Once this first step has been taken, other prerequisites must be met. It is required to have unlocked several key locations, including the Kingdom of Moana in the Castle of Dreams, the mystical cave floors of the Enchanted Beach, the solitary island where Ariel can be unlocked, as well as the Sunny Plateau and the Vitalys Mines. The Dreamlight costs to open these areas are also specified.

Once all these conditions are met, you can go to Ursula's house, where the coveted blue potato can be found to the right of the throne.

Now, to reveal the locations of the four hidden objects needed to make the potion associated with the blue potato, our guide details each step. The first item, a blue shell, is found on the rocky islet in the Kingdom of Moana. The second, a blue starfish, can be collected on the Lonely Island of Enchanted Beach. The third, a blue book, is hidden at the bottom of the mystical cave of the Enchanted Beach. Finally, the fourth coin, a blue gem, is located in the Vitalys Mines on the Sunny Plateau.

Once you have collected these four items with your precious blue potato, the guide directs you to a specific point in the Vitalys Mines. There, by interacting with a shiny location and transferring your acquisitions, you will finally obtain the sparkling blue potion.

However, although the potion is obtained, its usefulness remains mysterious. Intriguing items in the secret room of the Vitalys Mines may suggest clues, but for now, the ultimate purpose of the Potato Potions remains to be determined. Until the next colored potato appears, presumably a green potato according to rainbow color logic, and the availability of a new potion, the adventure in Disney Dreamlight Valley remains full of mysteries to explore.