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Dive into the Era of the Supreme Lord: Discover the Yu-Gi-Oh! Boosters

 Experience the Age of the Overlord with 24 Yu-Gi-Oh! Offering 100 cards, including Secret Rares, Ultra Rares, and cards for new archetypes.

Available since this fall, Age of the Supreme Lord is a particularly anticipated expansion and has already been available in Asia (with a certain impact on the meta) for a while. The extension offers to revisit well-known archetypes and unlock old ones that may have run out of steam over time. As usual, these packs are made up of 24 boosters which directly follow the movement of previous expansions in terms of rare cards and quaters.

The display is finely made and offers a remarkable design with a beautiful variation of this yellow color. The Z-AR, Supreme King in his new form, is impressive!

Impact on the meta and reinforced archetypes

This pack fulfills its support role very well, notably with cards like " Synchro Rumble " which can synergize very well with the structure deck "The Crimson King of Jack Atlas". New cards for the Electro archetype and, for example, Nemleria cards.

The Horus archetype is also spoiled in terms of support, the card "Canopian Protector" further strengthens this theme which is slowly starting to occupy the meta. Unlike Tistina, which received a lot of additions to strengthen the archetype, but with very poor tournament performance.

Impact on the meta and reinforced archetypes

Other Synchros cards are really valuable for their extender nature, allowing for much more powerful Synchro summons. We're talking about "Overdragon TG," which is an excellent archetype in Synchro Summoning.

The Overlord Era Booster contains 100 cards in total:

  • 10 Secret Rare cards
  • 14 Ultra Rare cards
  • 26 Super Rare cards
  • 49 Common cards

Additionally, 24 of the cards present are also available as Quarter Century Secret Rare cards.

Ultimately, this expansion offers new cards which, once analyzed, provide a significant impact on the different targeted archetypes. From the collector's point of view and less from the player's point of view, the quality of the visuals still leaves us with such a good impression. So prepare your best sleeves !