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Dragon Ball creator shares the reason why Ten Shin Han has 3 eyes


Dragon Ball creator shares the reason why Ten Shin Han has 3 eyes

Dragon Ball has a wide cast of both main and secondary characters that, in several cases, are easy to recognize even for those who simply enjoyed the mythical and popular Z Saga, probably the highest peak of the franchise created by Toriyama and a of the best anime series of the 90s.

The first stage of the franchise focused largely on the search for the mysterious spheres that give the work its title and introduced several peculiar characters, including Ten Shin Han. This faithful ally of Goku came to be considered a villain. When it comes to analyzing the design of this character, probably his most distinctive feature is the third eye he has in the center of his forehead, but why does this character have an extra eye?

Why does Ten Shin Han have 3 eyes?

The reason why this character has 3 eyes was revealed by Akira Toriyama himself in one of the many interviews that he usually attends to various media. According to the mangaka, Ten Shin Han is not human, but an alien who made his life on Earth and, as happens with Goku, lives with human beings and is considered just another Earthling.

Going into more detail, the author commented that this character is from an alien race known as Triclopes, and Ten Shin Han himself was the first of them to appear in the history of Dragon Ball.

Triclopes are aliens that have been living on Earth for a long time and, although they prefer to live away from humans, they are not considered dangerous. Precisely, the most characteristic feature of these beings is the same one that Ten Shin Han has and it is the third eye that we can see in the center of the forehead of each of them. Another quirk that distinguishes Ten Shin Han from other main Dragon Ball characters is that he can use multiple arms in combat.

Although there are many characters in Dragon Ball more powerful than him, Ten Shin Han has shown enormous bravery facing enemies as fearsome as Nappa and was even a great help in temporarily stopping Cell in one of the scenes most remembered by the fans. fans of this character.