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Dragon Ball Daima offers new details about its directors and scriptwriters


Dragon Ball Daima offers new details about its directors and scriptwriters

Throughout the Dragon Ball chronology, it has been seen that this legendary and beloved franchise still has a lot to offer, since, despite its more than 3 decades of broadcast, the fun and exciting adventures of Goku and company do not stop. to surprise the followers, since new and striking transformations have been introduced that have increased the scale of power in the work.

Likewise, one of the big surprises that the Dragon Ball franchise has had has been the announcement of its new commemorative anime called Dragon Ball Daima, news that generated many expectations and hype within the fandom, which had been waiting for a new anime of this IP for a long time. , so the excitement and concerns regarding this project are enormous.

However, little by little some details have been revealed about Dragon Ball Daima, including the release date and the number of episodes it will have, but this is not all, since, recently, it has been revealed who They will be behind this new anime that looks very promising.

Dragon Ball Daima reveals part of the staff in charge of the production of this new anime

As we have mentioned, Dragon Ball fans are very excited after the announcement of this new anime, since for some years they have been waiting to enjoy the adventures of Goku and company on screen, so this news has been well received within the fandom, who are eager to know every detail of this project.

The announcement of the Dragon Ball Daima anime has given a lot to talk about within the fandom, who have been very intrigued by this work that promises to be full of new adventures of Goku, showing a different perspective of these characters, since they will be turned into children, which has raised many doubts and concerns among fans, as they want to know more details about this story.

And apparently, they are in luck, since recently, part of the staff that will be behind Dragon Ball Daima has been announced, which is made up of talented and experienced people who portend that this work is in good hands. Through X, the account called @SupaChronicles has shared this information in which the production staff of this anime is revealed.

In this tweet, you can find out that the series directors of Dragon Ball Daima will be Yoshitaka Yashima and Aya Komaki, the character design will be in charge of Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru and the script will come from the hand of Yuuko Kakihara, who will be in charge of making this new anime a true gem liked by fans, who are very excited about this series.

It should be noted that Yoshitaka Yashima and Aya Komaki are veteran directors, as both have worked on great works, having great results, Yashima has directed the animation of some episodes of Dragon Ball Super and has worked on One Piece and Digimon, and on the other hand, Komaki served as assistant director for the feature film One Piece Film: RED and many episodes of One Piece.

On the one hand, Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru, in charge of the character design of Dragon Ball Daima, has participated in works such as Naruto, Black Clover, and Dragon Ball, while Yuuko Kakihara is an experienced screenwriter who has worked on several Toei Animation anime projects... 

Without a doubt, Toei Animation has made a big bet on this new Dragon Ball anime, recruiting talented staff to make this project a true audiovisual gem at the height of this iconic franchise.

The expectations and hype regarding Dragon Ball Daima are very high since fans expect adventures at the height of this great work and that, apparently, this anime will include them, since Goku and company will have to travel to new places. universes and planets to stop the villains who caused the Z warriors to become children again.