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Dragon Ball: Goku managed to save his life thanks to his rarest and most absurd technique


Dragon Ball: Goku managed to save his life thanks to his rarest and most absurd technique

Dragon Ball is preparing to offer large doses of content through the premiere of Dragon Ball Daima next year 2024, while Dragon Ball Super continues its course in the manga with new sagas and events for the most beloved protagonists of the manganime franchise created by Akira Toriyama. Of course, Goku continues to prove to be the warrior with the most potential of all, although on many occasions he continues to be granted abilities and new powers without fully knowing their origin. However, this already happened in previous sagas .

And, especially, in Dragon Ball GT. Although it is a saga that over time has gained the favor of its followers, the first stages were not at all simple, as truly absurd situations occurred and the approach was not up to par with everything that had entailed the success of Dragon Ball Z. One of these events even managed to save Goku's life from almost certain death, demonstrating a very strange ability that is not within the reach of any type of transformation.

Goku's ability to suppress his tears saved his life

As Screen Rant colleagues remember, during episode 30 of Dragon Ball GT, Goku is immersed in the life-size board of Sugoro, an entity from another world who must win ten thousand games of that game to escape. his punishment. In the case of Goku, losing meant death, so the Saiyan warrior had much more at stake than it might seem. Using his tricks and traps, Sugoro proposes a game in which the participants must not cry, something for which he summons a few onions in front of Goku and cuts them, causing tears to begin to invade his face...

However, without really knowing how, Goku manages to repress them and not only that, but he sucks them back into his tear duct and disappears completely. A completely strange and most absurd technique that managed to save his life from certain death, something that some of the most powerful transformations that he has explored in Dragon Ball Super cannot say. To date, this "ability" has no explanation , showing that the beginnings of Dragon Ball GT were really hard in terms of its approach and content.