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Dragon Ball Super confirms that it has wasted one of its best characters


Dragon Ball Super confirms that it has wasted one of its best characters

The current situation of the franchise created by Akira Toriyama focuses on Dragon Ball Daima, the new series that already has a premiere window and a completely closed number of chapters. However, everything indicates that Toei Animation's intention is to connect in some way with Dragon Ball Super, which is the central series of the license at the moment, through which the most relevant events are taking place. However, there are some situations that do not convince fans, such as the waste of one of the best characters in the series .

During the Dragon Ball Z android saga, Androids 17 and 18 were presented as a huge threat to Earth. In fact, Trunks goes to the past because his reality has been completely devastated for both of them, which demonstrates enormous power and capacity for improvement. After the end of the saga, Android 18 becomes actively involved in the plot, since she ends up being Krillin's wife. However, with the arrival of Dragon Ball Super, she seems to have forgotten C-18's lethal warrior ability since they do not stop humiliating her and wasting her abilities. Now, the last chapter of the manga has once again shown that there are no big plans for her.

Android 18 has taken a backseat and is now a damsel in distress

Through chapter 98 of Dragon Ball Super, Célula Máximo is out of control, attacking all the heroes without any regard. In one of those moments, she targets Android 18 with a large blast of energy heading towards her. The warrior's reaction is to remain motionless, so Krillin has to come in to save the day and deflect the blast with one of her destructive discs. A heroic moment to save his wife, but it makes it clear that C-18 is no longer who she was.

At any other time, Android 18 could have shown off her great combat capabilities to dodge Célula Máximo's attack without any problem and even hit him back. However, it seems that those responsible are no longer in the business of giving importance to the android and leaving her in the background as Krillin's wife , instead of being one of the most threatening warriors in all of Universe 7.