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Dragon Ball: these were the strange transformations that Frieza and Cell were going to have in GT

 Dragon Ball GT was a work that from its beginning had to live under the shadow of Dragon Ball Z, surely the highest peak of the franchise and easily one of the best anime series of the 90s. While it is true that not everything that GT offered was done perfectly, the series brought with it great successes for fans, such as the introduction of enemies like Baby or the fantastic design of Goku's Super Saiyan 4 .

Dragon Ball: these were the strange transformations that Frieza and Cell were going to have in GT

Dragon Ball GT was also a complex and ambitious production and therefore it is not surprising that there is unknown material for a large number of fans. The one we share with you today was rescued by the X user @Sr_Kob and it is nothing less than 2 impressive transformations for Frieza and Cell, the incredible villains we met in Dragon Ball Z.

The versions of Cell and Frieza that you may not have known

According to @Sr_Kob in the publication that shows these strange designs, the GT versions of Frieza and Cell were used only to promote a live show in 1997 where this anime was the protagonist. You can see his publication below:

Although the personality of these two villains is correctly reflected in their body language, the first sensation that these designs can cause is one of remoteness if we compare them with their original appearances.

This is especially accentuated in the case of Frieza, who sports a row of horns from the center of his forehead like a crest. He has also had a darker color change and clothing that includes armor with an aesthetic that has little to do with the sophisticated technology that the character used to use.

As for Cell, its changes are minor. The most striking thing may be the addition of a kind of black pants and metallic-looking shoulder pads. These two versions also remind us that the priority that GT had when designing new versions of its characters was more inclined to add elements instead of recoloring previous designs as Dragon Ball Super has chosen with, for example, the new version of Frieza. 

These two villains made a brief appearance in the remembered Ultimate Android arc in Dragon Ball GT . In this arc, Goku ended up being locked up in hell and there Cell and Frieza had a brief confrontation with our protagonist who did not live up to how much a meeting of these characteristics could have offered.