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 The first guaranteed event player SBC has appeared in EA FC 24. This includes a dynamic RTKK card with a minimum total value of 84. If you are thinking about completing it, we will show you the cheapest solution and the probability of drawing a winning player.

What are RTTK players? The Road to the Knockout event, or RTTK for short, was the first promo after the official release of EA FC 24. It accompanies players on their way to the knockout phase of the three major international competitions: UEFA Champions League, Europa League, and Conference League.

What's special about the cards is that they can be upgraded over time; some have even already received upgrades. You can also find out exactly which players these are and which other cards still have the chance of one or more upgrades in our RTTK tracker.

Below we will show you how you can complete the SBC and what your chances of getting an expensive player look like.

84+RTTK Upgrade SBC: This is the cheapest solution

How much does the RTTK-SBC cost? At the SBC is listed as having a price of around 57,000 coins. The price comes from the fact that you have to trade a team with an 84 rating and a team of the week player.

84+RTTK Upgrade SBC: This is the cheapest solution

The team presented here is currently just under 57,000 coins. The most expensive player is the 85 Inform card with 26,500 coins.

The higher the Team of the Week player is rated, the more 84s and 83s you can save. Due to the RTTK upgrade alone, the number of fodders, i.e. players who like to be used for SBCs, has increased significantly.

Which players can you get from the RTTK upgrade? EA Sports released really strong and expensive cards with the first two RTTK teams, including special versions of Ousmane Dembélé, Victor Osimhen, and Luis Díaz. However, Erling Haaland received by far the most expensive card. The price of his dynamic card is around 2.6 million coins.

How many players are above the price of the SBC? 17 of a total of 32 possible players are priced above the RTTK upgrade SBC. This suggests a success rate of over 50%. 14 players are even beyond the 100k limit and are sold on the transfer market for up to a million coins.

If you're unlucky, you could also make a lot of losses, because many of the remaining players who don't promise you a win are priced at 10,000-13,000 coins.

Here you can see another selection from the RTTK upgrade, the most expensive cards on the left, the more expensive players in the middle, and the RTTKs on the far right where you have to accept a loss.

The bottom line is that we think the probability of success is fair. A possible loss of up to 45,000 coins would certainly be annoying.