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EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team: 4 new FC Pro Live cards leaked


EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team: 4 new FC Pro Live cards leaked

In less than 24 hours the Triple Threats will disappear from the packs, thus ending their debut in Ultimate Team. During its promotion, we have enjoyed a lot of content that is still active, such as the Triple Threat Attacker Evolution and a good handful of Squad Challenges, among which the new RTTK Improvement or Vanguardist 84+, Bacha RTTK, and an End of One player stand out. It was that he had achieved a very negative record in the history of Ultimate Team .

The event that will replace the Triple Threat will be another one that also debuts in the game mode, the so-called FC Pro Live. Although they are not yet included in the game, we already know how much and when they will improve, and, in addition, the first names have been leaked. This list of footballers has grown in recent hours when the most important leakers of the game have agreed to show new FC Pro Live.

Leaked 4 new FC Pro Live

Fut Scoreboard and Fut Sheriff have teamed up again to send us the names of these players who, although they may not seem entirely striking, invite us to get excited about their possible increases in valuation. The first name that has leaked has been that of Kolo Muani, a player who had a lot of presence at the beginning of the game, but who has now fallen far behind. Even so, his base conditions are very good, and with a decent improvement, he can become very top .


The second name is also that of a player who may have a promising future if the upgrades accompany him. We are talking about Phillips, who always offers good defensive performance and an extraordinary physique. With more agility and more skill with the ball, he would become a pivot to be taken into account .


The third footballer to leak was Malen, the Dortmund striker. This player ends up getting a special card every year, but he rarely establishes himself among the most used attackers, largely because of his league. Now that he has such good links with the Leverkusen defense it could be a good opportunity to take a step forward along with the increases he receives.


The last name that has been made public is the one that has generated the least expectations. We are talking about Genreau, an Australian midfielder who will offer very poor links and we do not believe that he will have much importance. You can never rule out any footballer because we already know how he is in Ultimate Team and he always surprises us, but the reality is that even with the improvements, based on the prediction, he would be a little poor.