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EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team: If you don't complete this icon SBC you will regret it

 The FC Pro Live team will be the big draw of the packs this week, in their debut in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team. These items, of which we already know how much and when they will improve, will probably be replaced by a promotion that has already been leaked and has an incredible card design. Until then, we should enjoy and take advantage of all the current content.

EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team: If you don't complete this icon SBC you will regret it

In the objectives section, during these last days of the season pass (of which we may have already reached the last player choice ), we can get a very special player for 0 cost and take advantage of a set of missions to get quite a few packs thanks to some friendly.

On the other hand, in the Squad Challenges, the first Icon Improvement of the year stands out, which yesterday joined other SBCs such as Bacha RTTK or Renan Lodi FC Pro Live. In addition, we have an SBC of an iconic player who, since it was leaked, already looked like it was going to be mandatory, but now that we have it available our suspicions have been confirmed.

You have to get used to this icon yes or yes

We are talking about the SBC of Peter Schmeichel, the Danish goalkeeper who will be available until December 18. At first, it may be surprising that a goalkeeper is so recommendable, especially knowing our position that this position is the least relevant. However, this is a reason that we will reveal to you below.

First, we must talk about the challenge as such. It is made up of 6 templates, of which the most demanding ones ask us for a rating of 87. This means that its price, to be an icon, is not so high. Specifically, this player costs 262,000 coins on the console and 281,000 on PC, a little more than the card on the market in both cases.

What really makes this challenge good are three elements. The first is that Schmeichel is one of the best goalkeepers in the game, many professionals use him and with him, we will have that position covered for a long time. Furthermore, the Danish SBC lasts a whole month, which makes it quite affordable to complete it little by little, with the repeated averages that we achieve.

Lastly, and most importantly, we have the chemistry that it gives us, which will be a real plus when it comes to making our teams. Not only will we never have to worry about the goalkeeper having the 3 diamonds, but it will also give one more point to all leagues, a key element to unlock new ways of designing teams.

It is true that if our squad still has a lot to improve, it is preferable that we dedicate our coins and socks to it, but if we are at that point where we cannot find a way to fit new pieces together, Schmeichel is the perfect solution. This is why it seems like a mandatory SBC to us.